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Thread: Upgraded to 300GB HDD, need to JB and CFW my PS3

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    lawlington Guest

    Roll Eyes Upgraded to 300GB HDD, need to JB and CFW my PS3

    As title says, I am pro with computers, yet on the forum (even firmware rep.) they are all for 3.55, even when I replaced the HD (was doing it anyways) it made me d/l the newest 3.72 or w/e from the ps3 site and use my usb to install it /PS3/UPDATE/.

    I ONLY use it as a media server as in, I have the sickest computer in the world and have thousands of movies on it, use NERO MEdiaHome (from nero7) smallest and most stable media server, ps3 picks it up and bam I can play, but now i have hdmi direct to tv so no need for that even, but yea, how can I install linux on this thing, install a custom firmware, I will not play any games online with a ps3, thats why I bought a computer, so is there any way to do this or rollback to 3.55, how can I go about doing this?

    (I really want to get linux so I could use it as a server etc...)


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    lawlington Guest
    btw I have the old fatty ps3 , but not the first ones with the flap that opens, it can't play older games etc, yet it's not the slim one, i'm sure it had 3.55 at one point (even less) but now its got 3.7X

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    If it's got 3.7x FW on it currently, you will probably have to get an Infectus, Progskeet or E3 device to downgrade it first and then you can install Custom Firmware, Linux, etc on it.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I'm not sure if the 3.72 OFW can be downgraded, 3.70 OFW can be but even if it works you then will need a FLASHER to first make a backup of NAND/NOR and then flash lower OFW/CFW. For you the best would be OtherOS++ CFW.

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