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    Quote Originally Posted by drLipton View Post
    I have two 2 ps3. One is always 3.55, so I can run homebrew and the other is updated so I can run all the newest games.
    Is your 3.55 PS3 a slim or a fat?

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    If I had the extra money, I would get another PS3. I wouldn't regret it. the only downside for me would be if they were both on and tat would probably impact the electricity bill... >_>

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    PS3 Jailbreak 3.72 ?


    I'm kind of new to the world of PS3 modding. I've learnt how to downgrade firmware and install a custom one. Was wondering which one would be the best to use?

    I know I'm unable to play online unless I upgrade to 3.72 OFW or 3.73 OFW, would that include installed games?

    Slim model.

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    Welcome to the scene! Have fun, lol.

    Right now I think kmeaw is the best choice. If you update to ofw, you're homebrew/installed backup games will not work, and I would erase them all first before doing it.

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    Thanks, I hope I can ask this here.. which would be the easiest way to transfer files to my drive?

    Is there anything else I should know about playing them? only took me awhile to figure out how to change firmware until I came to this wicked forum then it was like 1,2,3

    Which version would be the best, patched or non patched? sorry for so many questions..

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    You can either use a FTP application ( or a file manager which is included with multiMAN ( to transfer data to your HDD. mutliMAN also enables you to play backups stored on your External and Internal HDD.

    Also I am using the patched version of 3.55 Kmeaw CFW, I'm not sure if there is a difference but the patched one is working fine so I would get that one from the link below. (

    Also make yourself free to ask as many questions as you like, me or someone else will try to answer your questions.

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    Options for a 60GB 3.15 PS3?

    What CFW options do I have for my 60GB 3.15 PS3? I would like to be able to play some games in 3D, play burned PS2/PS1 game disks and maybe some emulators. I know this means the loss of OtherOS, but I don't really see much use for it anymore as seems you can do a lot of cool stuff with CFW. Thoughts welcome, thanks!

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    Games worth going legit?

    The one in question now would be Rocksmith.

    I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, problem was teaching myself to read music, cords, etc etc was next to impossible and taking lessons was not in the budget.

    Has anyone played this? Is this the game that will make going legit worth losing 3.55? (yikes)

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    Just get some tabs, they're much easier to learn from especially if you can't read sheet music. After you've picked up a few songs and know their chords you can start to piece together sheet music too, but if you're serious about wanting to learn the guitar there really isn't much rocksmith can teach you

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    yes i agree, you can learn easily from tabs by using power tab or guitar pro 6 software

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