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Thread: Upgrade Custom FW PS3 or Get a New One

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    Osirisx Guest
    if you want online play then update, don't bother with CFW online you will end up with a banned ps3 and psn account.. but only you can decide.

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    bidmoon Guest

    should i apply a custom firmware?

    my sony has a fimware of 3.66. should i apply a custom firmware or wait?

    and is there any possibly way to downgrade yet?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You can't install CFW on a PS3 which has 3.55+ FW without downgrading first. To downgrade you will need to install a chip (E3, progskeet, etc) and follow a difficult procedure. I would update to 3.73 OFW if I were you to play online until a new CFW is out.

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    amareladex Guest


    my ps3 its on naima 3.55/3.60 hybrid... its possible to come back to 3.55 kmeaw??? thanks for the info

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    You know what bothers me the most of the cfw? That you cant play online, but also, you cant play newer games. The xbox 360 scene has all the new releases, i'm not sure if they can do online play but its a good deal if you ask me, all the releases and give up online, but you have a ton of games to play.

    If you ask me, its not worth updating a 3.55 cfw ps3 because the catalog of games you can play is worth a fortune, so do the math and its like having hundreds of games at your disposal, even if they are only $20 its a fortune and a lot of gaming. GET A $250 ps3 and buy the stuff you need. If you need newer releases start reading about the reset glitch on the 360 and hack it, it seems "easy" and its "cheap".

    So the dilemma? a JB PS3, a hacked 360 or an original box? dang..

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    realsubzero Guest

    Bite the Bullet or be more Patient?

    Hi Guys,

    I have a PS3 on 3.66 OFW. Ive been holding off for months now on the possibility of this being flashable to CFW but obviously this has not happened yet. I know Tutha is doing some things with 3.72 but that also seems to be going nowhere.

    I keep hearing its about to be hacked etc etc, but honest opinion, should i just bite the bullet and fork out for a new 3.41 ps3 or do you think that later firmwares will ever be flashable considering the security behind them? I'd rather not have to buy another console but will do if people think its the better option

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    soczi Guest
    Seriously? Waiting for some useful CFW for yourself can take forever. I think you should look into E3 or a new PS3. A CFW may come in a week or in a year. There is a lot of bs floating around the scene and even me - a skeptic - got fooled a few times. I simply have little faith in a breakthrough right now.

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    realsubzero Guest
    thanks dude for your honest reply. i didn't think it worked on my firmware. doing some research now. i've a phat ps3, some say it doesn't work, very confusing. there are so so so many fakes out the at the moment, i really don't know which to believe. this site seems to be the only accurate and honest site i can find.

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    drLipton Guest

    Update or not... That is the question

    I have two 2 ps3. One is always 3.55, so I can run homebrew and the other is updated so I can run all the newest games.

    Sad though, my ps3 running the newest FW have been getting ylod quite alot and in my last attempt to fix the console, I totally destroyed it...

    So I do only have one ps3 with 3.55 left now. I would very much like to be on 3.55 forever, but I have been thinking of updating now because of games such as skyrim (bought today) and BF3. Would updating be the most stupid thing ever?

    I do not use homebrews and game backups so much anymore and I feel that maybe PSN is more fun to use than homebrew...

    Should I buy another new PS3 or update my ps3?

    Let me hear your thoughts.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I would wait for a fix, if one doesn't come out in around 1-2 weeks I would update.

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