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    lnewey6 Guest

    Wink Updating to PS3 3.55 CFW fails in a loop

    hi, just recently joined the forum having just bought my ps3 back from the dead.

    i want to install 3.55 but the one which skips the blu-ray as my drive is broken, but when i install it fails and goes back to the loop again.

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    mushy409 Guest
    Are you sure you're using the right PUP file?

    The one with BD check disabled is called 355checkoff.PUP.

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    306s16 Guest


    Is this CFW? or just a modded OFW?

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    Ezio Guest
    It is equivalent to 3.55 kmeaw, so it is a cfw. I don't think that it disables the bd check, but it patches the lv1 to allow the downgrade from 3.70 to 3.55. The firmware that skips bd checks is the BDB firmware. You can find the 3.55 BDB, 3.55 BDB Kmeaw, 3.41 BDB or you can create it simply using PSMFW.

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