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    Updating to 4.00 from 3.55 Kmeaw CFW

    I am really thinking about updating to 4.00 because I have started to get enough games that I can't run on 3.55, and have more that are about to come out. Was letting it go up until now because I am fairly patient person (have been sitting on some of the games for almost 8 months), and I really like Showtime player and Multiman.

    I also know that hacking the newer FWs is not an easy task by any means (not wanting to come across as one of those ungrateful people that piss-off the devs who have been trying to get new FWs/games working). So my first question is about going from CFW to OFW. Do I need to actually wipe and re-install 3.55 first and lose saves (which I would highly like to avoid)?

    Or can I treat it like the PSP and just go straight to OFW? I have also seen the thread about the 4.00HFW that doesn't run homebrew or backups (at least for now) and was wondering if it might be better to update to that instead?

    I am mostly interested in that one because I would imagine that if they do find a way to get HB working on 4.00, that it might be easier to be at least somewhat hacked. My PS3 is a retail 320GB model, and I didn't know if that HFW requires it to be a dev model. Also, can that FW currently sign into the PSN?

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    My mate has been thinking the same as you. And honestly, unless you want online gameplay, i really don't see the reason to.

    in saying that, upgrading to 4.0, kakaroto aparently has 4.0 semi-sorted, so maybe you won't have to wait that long if he releases something sooner

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    Judging by the talk on twitter Kakarotoks is shelving his 4.0cfw for a while. I guess its proving to be harder than he thought.

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    I do have to say that I'm in a similar situation as pasty745 here. What is the proper/safe way of upgrading to a OFW? How do we back up the save file in a way that it's still usable?

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    Here's what I usually do to exit any jb ps3 to OFW.

    - Format HDD
    - Install OFW 3.55
    - Recovery Mode >> Restore Factory Defaults (this will totally delete all Users on your PS3 and its logs)
    - Update to OFW 4.00+

    That's it.

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    What about the save files and trophy? Honestly, I could care less about the trophies, more concern about my save files.

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    If i'm not wrong you can backup your saved files on a usb stick.

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    Not all of them. You need a lan transfer between 2 ps3 if you want a total transfer. Than back again.

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    you could always just pop in modern warfare 3 and let it update to 3.72.

    ...worked for my daughter on my backwards compatible 3.55 kmeaw /sadface

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    for game saves, just make a backup through the settings in the xmb, it worked for me when i wanted to change hard drives, it'll make a 6gb backup if you don't have any data in the hard disk except for the game saves an a few game data and restore it through the very same option.

    i am saying the backup under the system settings and not the usual gamesave > triangle > backup, it saves all the copy right restricted game saves too in one go.

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