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Thread: Updating to 4.00 from 3.55 Kmeaw CFW

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    DMagic1 Guest
    I've been thinking about updating myself. Not much seems to be going on anymore and I wouldn't mind Netflix access again.

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    moja Guest
    I've still got my spare phat 60gb on 3.15 that I've been debating updating to 4.00/4.10 so I can finally unwrap that new copy of Resistance 3, as well as get the new FFXIII-2 (I'll only play it on PS). I'm just worried about a newer firmware overheating it.

    I'll keep my slim on kmeaw for now, even though there are only so many older games worth playing to me anymore. Showtime is a nice program, at least until I get around to setting up an htpc.

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    MNX1024 Guest
    Just want to confirm, you upgraded directly into OFW from CFW 3.55? How's the condition now? No bans and can get on PSN?

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    justev Guest
    If you want to keep all your saves this ( is 15 quid but tis a great tool for removing copy protection and reassigning ps3 saves, all the trophy hunters are using it.

    Its resigned pretty much every save I've thrown at it, so I'm able to use other peoples saves and copy protected saves (once off the ps3)

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