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Thread: Updating to 4.00 from 3.55 Kmeaw CFW

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    MNX1024 Guest
    Doesn't that back up the entire drive, including the pkg and CFW stuff that is already in it? My main worries are my star ocean saves, which are the copy right/protected save files.

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    pejm05 Guest
    Great question. I was curious about this too.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Absolutely not. Some locked saves will not be transferred during a backup. Only lan works. Or (more tricky) you need an external program, under windows (dunno if present on this forum) for assign an owner to a savegame. Then, using rebug, make active fake save owner, load a save. It will destroy the owner.

    Making every save, a locked one too, easy to transfer. Then, using a windows program, plug your usb with all saves, assign the owner name (your ps3 account name, not the psn one beware) , and transfer them back to the new 4.0 ps3. They will load properly. Do this trick just with lockes saves. You will save a lot of time.

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    MNX1024 Guest
    If you don't mind, do you think you can provide a more detail tutorial on this and a list of tools/programs needed?

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    imrock Guest
    ok, i had to replace my hdd, i was on 3.55 kmeaw when i made my backup and when i changed my hdd i reinstall cfw and restored, it gave me all the settings and copy protected game saves and game data as well.

    For you i can say that make a backup on cfw 3.55 and restore it on OFW 3.55, its through xmb and i don't think that it'll cause any firmware related problems (I ain't sure ) and then when the restore is complete, update to 4.00 OFW.

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    sdlaurin Guest
    please give some glimmer of hope. my kids want to play to free ps3 mmo's and I refuse to update only on the hope I will have a cfw +psn without a dongle. Am I deluded?

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    TwistedJay Guest
    If I were you guys I would keep your ps3 on 3.55 and the working games you have so you don't waste any time you have put into your ps3. Then I would buy a used ps3 and update that one and buy the games that I really have to play like say TWISTED METAL and METAL GEAR 5 and so on.

    When a working CFW 4.00 comes out you could test it on your updated one because your already updated on there any way. Does that make sense ?

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    pasty745 Guest
    I like that this thread started getting more replies, and thanks for all the input. I ended up just going through and copied all the game saves that would copy to my USB drive (which was most of them). Next I deleted all the game backups and homebrew pkg files and apps.

    Then I went through with MultiMan and turned off the extra partition option, and made sure the log clearing was turned on. Last I deleted MultiMan and just went ahead and updated straight to 4.00 OFW (I really had to force myself to actually hit "Accept", sat on the screen for like 5mins. lol). After the update finished I of course lost the Install Package Files and App_Game options and was able to log-in to the PSN.

    So far there has been no issues (not banned, the trophies were able to sync, etc). I am a bit shocked by how well I am taking to the OFW. I just am not looking forward to the lack of Showtime Media Player (I used that app the most). It has been fun to finally have access to my newer games (so much pre-order codes to have to put in, some of which has been waiting since last year.

    I will however continue to lurk on this site for all the updates on the PShacking would. And Will be hoping a new CFW is on the way, so I can jump right back in. ^_^

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    pinoytechno Guest
    i will wait for CFW 4.0

    wishing you luck to all hackers!!!

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    candan Guest
    When I gave up with cfw3.55, I just updated to 4.10 ofw now, from 4.0 ofw directly. All my games that obviously no longer work are still on the HD in cast there's a new CFW that comes out.

    I recently had a problem with my PSN account as it got hacked. I spent several days on the phone (not all at once!) with a PSN tech and they routed through my system and what not. I had my account fixed and I'm off to the races. Never did anyone suggest I had been using a CFW previously, or about the dregs of anything still on the XMB (like Multiman, which is still there but doesn't work any longer)

    So I would suggest just doing what I did and upgrade, leaving all the CFW stuff where it was on the HD. Clearly, now I'm running the OFW they don't seem to care. Whether they can see the old logs or not.... Just my 2c

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