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    Lacourse2012 Guest

    Wink Updated PS3 CFW with games questions

    Okay so I updated ps3 with ofw over cfw and I forgot to delete the games on my hard drive now my questions are these:

    1. can i find a way to delete them without wiping my drive
    2. if i do have to wipe it will i be able to dl the games i bought and got free from the playstation store again or not?
    3. if i copy my save data back over when done can i resume where i was in my games?

    someone please answer me asap thank you in adv

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    barrybarryk Guest
    1. No
    2. Yes as long as they're still available for download
    3. Yes

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    Lacourse2012 Guest
    ok thanks I appreciate it. I figured I'd have to do that and I just wanted to make sure about the other things.

    now this thread can be closed.

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    Apr 2005
    Done as requested.

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