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    slifer1231 Guest

    Update on a Possible PS3 3.56 CFW

    i was poking around some forums and I discovered this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    here are the missing Keys for 3.56, if you are very good at Math i supposed you try to find them, go search google how to get them and how Fail0verflow find them the first time. it's too sensitive to tell everyone how to do that, i can only tell that you have to be really really good at math so please don't try if your not really good at math.


    They apperantly found the missing keys we need to figure out the new private keys because this has all the keys needed we just need to use them to figure out the new private key and then we could make a CFW 3.56 and we wouldn't need any kind of bypass for psn or anything.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    there is an unreleased 3.56 cfw already, what's the point in a 3.56 cfw? They've had the 3.56 keys for awhile..

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    slifer1231 Guest
    to make a CFW 3.56 so we wouldn't need any kind of bypass for psn or anything and for people that already updated to 3.56 that cant downgrade, and so everything would work and to prove that a new CFW can be made no matter what sony does because eventually they will add features that we will want in future updates to temp us to update to OFW (which will proable stop homebrew from working) and all we have to do is really work at it then we can make a new cfw out of any update they put out.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I saw this, haven't heard of the guy EndeverouX who is working on it though: nextgenupdate.com/forums/ps3-exploits-hacks-questions/314373-project-onyx-3-56-cfw-preliminary-stages.html
    Project Onyx 3.56 CFW - Preliminary Stages

    A lot of people have been asking me bout project ONYX 3.56 CFW. After couple of weeks of tweeking code, i'm almost done with my ONYX 3.56 CFW,. I should have this done by the end of February. I've been working on some key generation issues at the moment... trying to get the root kit bypass to work without sony spoofing dynamic IP addresses, DNS bypasses, and Proxy servers.

    I'm almost home free with re-compiling all the coding, I have 2 workstations running diagnostics & deassembling the thousand's of lines of decoy coding sony implemented in their 3.56OFW....

    I know a lot of people have been emailing me regarding my ONYX 3.56 CFW, but please be patient, working a full time engineering job by day, and coding all night it's taking a toll....not on me but on my workstations, they are running 24/7.....stay tuned, hopefully by the end of the week I'll be testing the code on several of my PS3's..

    Thanx for all the support and shout outs...please be patient...I'll keep u guys posted...peace....


    UPDATE as of 2/9/2011: Now that DNS Bypass has been officially patched & confirmed, I'm rushing to come up with a new solution to get online without going to 3.56 OFW, for more news & info check my other thread:

    I'll assure you that ONYX 3.56 CFW won't be neglected in light of this latest patch from sony...let's all just be patient, calm, cool & collected, no reason to panic.......its a cat/mouse game........ stay strong, dont give into 3.56 OFW.......peace...


    UPDATE as of 2/10/2011: So now I've got 2 issues to work on at once, ONYX 3.56 CFW & a new approach on bypassing 3.56 OFW.
    OFW 3.56 BYPASS is EMINENT : Please read thread above.
    As far as ONYX goes, I'm adding a third workstation to my server to keep up with the computing demand of my other 2 stations. Both of them are maxing out at 100% CPU usage...stay tuned...peace...


    UPDATE as of 2/11/2011: 1st of all thanx guys 4 the support & emails, taking friday off work, gonna dig deep today into these pesky rootkit sub-routines, 3rd workstation working like a charm in picking up the speed in allocating classes & variables...recursion of these algorithms is making a bit simpler for me to understand what sony implemented in 3.56 OFW....that's a rap for now.....peace....


    UPDATE as of 2/12/2011: Discouraging day to say the least, attempts to bypass 3.56 OFW still FUTILE & keeping me from my real task at hand of ONYX 3.56 CFW...open to any ideas from Devs out there on how to bypass current OFW...that would aliviate my time constraints & prevent any delays on ONYX release.... keepin' head up high.....

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    541jeremy30 Guest
    Thanks for the update! Good luck to all the coders. I'm going to school for this and some day hope to join in and help.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    well since his plan seems to be brute forcing, by the time it gets released we'll be dead of old age before this gets released.

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