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  1. #61
    Krachwas Guest
    It was a pre version of the game as I said (he's a game tester). Just read the forum properly..

  2. #62
    CS67700 Guest
    I'm no dev, but i'm pretty sure this game needs some libraries that are present in later FW's, therefor the freeze. Just a speculation.

    Lets hope someone finds a way around it, or else...

    So its the release who's faulty and not the eboot ?

  3. #63
    Chilenazo Guest
    then its not possible to do the same with other eboots?

  4. #64
    CS67700 Guest
    Or its just a cover up and they don't wanna publicly state they have the keys. From what I heard its pretty easy to grab them with the correct knowledge. I guess they just don't want Sony to find out and release another more sophisticated FW.

    This was leaked, it wasn't meant to be released, and if Moogie didn't leak it we wouldn't even be playing Uncharted3 at all. I hardly doubt they would have released it.

    I hope someone outside that circle of devs is smart enough to make something out of it and hopefully fix the freeze issues.

  5. #65
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    To cut off questions, initially there was a retail disk with retail eboot (3.60+) inside. Obviously, not playable on CFW, the usual stuff, like many other games, Portal 2, Fifa 12, Resistance 3 etc etc..

    Yesterday, someone had their dirty hands on unsigned pre-release eboot and signed it with 3.55 keys (or 3.41 or lower, whatever). By replacing original retail eboot in disk copy version of the game with the pre-release one, we can actually make it work with some bugs.

    That's why Mathielulh said, that moogie's work was just typing "makeself.." command and no real hacking.

  6. #66
    Chilenazo Guest
    I thought when I read the answer, it seems a cover for not recognizing that they have the keys.

    i do not believe that, if that's true, why all the drama?

  7. #67
    Krachwas Guest
    Exactly what Tidnussnake666 said, it was just a pre release for testing. So it will NEVER work until we get a retail patch with 3.55 keys, or a method to decrypt 3.55+ eboot's.


  8. #68
    Pan900 Guest
    Just a question.. If we use another rip .. one that's out there in the stores.. and use this Eboot.. (an EU one like the DUPLEX rip) will the game have the same issues ?

  9. #69
    Chilenazo Guest
    so why it took them 24 hours to clarify that? to me this seems just a cover

  10. #70
    woNd3R Guest
    That means that sony's fw updates need to be implemented in order to make games work on CFW.

    So creating new eboot.bins actually isn't the way to go, am i right?

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