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    thanks for the fix

    hope a fix for resistance fall of man 3 will come out soon

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    Best news I heard all day.

    I already have the disc, let's see how this one pans out.

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    Nice one

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    Finally Uncharted 3 thank you very much.

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    WoW !!! Best news ever!

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    I'm confused, granted that's pretty common... what firmware does this game need (w/o 3.55 fix)? Cause it's been out maybe a week? Or maybe less (I'm on holidays) so how is it we have a fix for it already? I'm not complaining about that, just wondering why games as far back as portal 2 don't yet have a fix.

    Math's comment seemed to imply you just type a command and BAM fsarc something magic hippie albino, and you have a fix. If so, what do they posses for this game that they lack for the others? I heard people talk about keys, but does that mean we have the key for whatever firmware this game is? Where are the others?

    Just thinking out loud...

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    the game needs 3.72

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    here is a savegame for chapter 9 so try it out.

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    They say, that with a save file from the original game, right after the corrupted cutscene, you can go through chapter 9 and continue the game.

    Here is a link, to the save file:

    What you actually miss in the game is this cut-scene here, at 6:35 -

    edit: sorry kingdali, looks like we've been typing at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
    I thought Mathieulh disappeared from the net/ps3 scene >_>
    We all were hoping. He's the biggest tosser in any scene.

    Why don't they release things under someone elses name? As said previously nobody cares who releases it but they care for the release so just release it anonymously or someone elses name and whatever. Its out there and Sony can't stop it once its out.

    I know a few people that have already put their hands up saying release under their name as some of us aren't afraid of Sony. They can't sue everyone, they will have no consumers left if they do and they will go broke if they don't have consumers.

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