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  1. #451
    kartman Guest

    can i play with the original cd (u3) in cfw 3.55??

  2. #452
    hey69 Guest
    no, you need to backup on harddisk and change eboot if i'm not mistaken

  3. #453
    kartman Guest

    Can someone reupload uncharted 3 save game chp 9 et 11 cause of the freezing game? all the old links don't work.


  4. #454
    MadMax Guest
    All links dead. Can some one upload please?

  5. #455
    shalowdreamz Guest


    thank you

    i need english language add on

  6. #456
    Blaze1986 Guest
    can i use the fix with rebug 4.65 ??

    And if its usable can someone post the fix here.

  7. #457
    crank54 Guest
    well its good news everyone

  8. #458
    jorrickvdbeld Guest

  9. #459
    postation Guest
    Thank you

  10. #460
    Jaguar9400 Guest

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