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    Quote Originally Posted by eustahija View Post
    Guys, do you have any links for Stranglehold? I find some from turbobit, but download stopped at 70% (4,4 gb of 6,1). I desperately need this game! Thanks
    If you still need this game let me know. I have it on disc and would dump it and up it some where or sell it to you. Thanks

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    Thanks racer0018, but I found it. My cousin playing Stranglehold right now! Thanks anyway!

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    Ok sounds good. I have the game and never played it. Dont even know what it is about.

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    an somebody please just give a working link, it would be much appreciated, I am using cfw 3.41 and cant get past the load screen and just get a disc corruption error. Also i am assuming that it has to be installed on the internal ps3 drive, is this correct ? Anyones help would be much appreciated. I have tried several fixes without any luck, on page 27 there is a mention of a fix that involves replacing 3 files. There is no actor33 folder.

    Thanks for the help.

    i have also tried the uncharted3.easy.fix.and.ripkit fix also Uncharted 3 Clean Fix with the same corrupt disc errors..

    Thanks again
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    Page 44 has a link to the Uncharted3 Fix V5. This was the last fix release iirc. If the game is patched and extracted it will play from external.

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    Exclamation Uncharted 3

    I am going to download the patched and ripped version of Uncharted 3. The one that has a size of around 28GB. In the comments i've read that the game takes a lot of loading time. I can't fine a fix for that though its mentioned that there is another fix that lets you play the game on kmeaw 3.55 and also fixes the load time issues.

    Can anyone please guide me on how to fix all this and play the game peacefully?

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    thanks !! For fix..

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    Was amazed when this came out. Need one for The Last of Us when it comes out!!

    Hopefully the fix will be at the top of the list since its ps3 exclusive. (even though resistance 3 and ratchet clank fixes didn't come out)

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    This there any other fix for the US version (BCUS98233) of the game ?!

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    Please help!!! Uncharted 3 ... only the spinning ring and then nothing!!!!

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