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Thread: Uncharted 3 PS3 EBOOT Fix for 3.55 / 3.41 Custom Firmware Out

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    CS67700 Guest
    I'm talking about the scene devs, not the game developers. I have all the consoles (Xbox, PS2, 360, Wii, PSP, etc...) and the PS3 scene is the only scene where i read so much shit and drama.

    Everyone is looking for glory here, they can't put their name on it ? Then they don't release it .. plain simple. We rot waiting like idiots, and now we learn that this eboot was leaked from some "secret dev thingy".

    They say it was gonna be released later, yeah right ... i totally believe that, sure. Now that it's out there they had to damage control, that's all.

    This scene makes me wanna puke.

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    alwayshungry Guest
    Well here is my opinion and only mine. I think you might be right on. If it wasn't for Duplex we wouldn't have anything!

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    elser1 Guest
    "Finally, from Mathieulh: Well it's not hard to use geohot's makeself when you're given a fself. That's pretty much the only part of his work (typing "make_self_npdrm EBOOT.elf EBOOT.BIN"), it wasn't my Eboot by the way, which is why I don't care so much about this."

    this guy really is an idiot.. math, what did your parents do to you to make you such a fool? please leave the scene !!

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    Apr 2005

    Tutorial Uncharted 3 Multiplayer online 3.55

    Heh, it wasn't their Eboot but apparently he still feels the need to Tweet (!/Mathieulh/status/130293917525606401) the following: "Not like I care, but you do know you just got kicked out of a couple of private group for that leak right ?" to moogie301.

    Also for those interested below is a guide to play Uncharted 3 PS3 Multiplayer online with 3.55 CFW from HeroX:

    1) This tutorial also works for PS3 caught
    2) You must leave the program open on the PC after Xbslink set it
    3) it is necessary that the game is the same update of the other players, now everyone is using the update 1.00, do not update to 1.01
    4) Download and install the programs on your PC

    XBS Link:
    Net Framework:

    5) After downloading the program, extract and run XBSlink_setup_0.9.4.1.exe - if an error appears and you can not install, you must install the Net Framework and WinPcap.
    6) Make the installation and run the program Xbslink
    7) When the program is open, click Settings
    8) Release port 31415 on your modem - Protocol: TCP / UDP

    Capture device = this field is automatically populated with your network card
    Bind to ip = this field is automatically filled

    9) "Always forward" MAC list = here you have to add the MAC address of your ps3. You have to enter the MAC without the points in the field next to the button ADD

    Ex: A8E7DD91QDPO
    After entering the MAC, click the Add button and check the enable special MAC list
    - To see the MAC of your ps3, go to Settings - System Settings - System Information - MAC address
    MAC will be shown like this: A8: E7: DA: 91: QD: PO
    10) Chat settings - put your nickname for the chat

    11) Check the boxes according to the figure. After doing so, click Save Settings and press Start Engine
    12) After clicking Start Engine, goes on Clouds

    13) After entering the Clouds, press the LOAD button to load the rooms.
    14) After loading the rooms, click on the room you wish to enter and push the button down there JOIN / CREATE
    15) Okay, now start the game on ps3, choice and go to LAN PARTY / LOCAL GAME

    The program emulates a local area network in which two ps3 can not have the same IP because if not you can not play. So set your internet on ps3 as more personalized Deich all automatic when IP Deich customized this way.

    IP address 192.168.1.X where X is a number between 001 and 250 there is the key point should not have the same ending ip of another User then I put a random number between 020 and 250.

    In Deich subnet mask like this

    em Dns primario
    em DNS secundario

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    condorstrike Guest
    I'm trying to stay off this... but trust me when I say moogie did the right thing, legalities aside.

    1st these guys keep holding back, even though most of the stuff is public if you know where to look, but yeah, math sabin... all these guys, stop the twitting/twat attacks and how about actually releasing something for once. And very mature blocking him from irc channels.

    no matter, we have other channels with very talented people, where egomaniacs are frowned upon, and whatever little gets done gets released. CAW!

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    Apr 2005
    I hear ya, and my guess is most end-users don't even care who released what as long as it gets released anyway. The irony is the person who really made it appears to care, but not enough to publicly take credit for their work it seems. With Sony on the prowl it's probably better that way anyway, eh?

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    NTA Guest
    I thought Mathieulh disappeared from the net/ps3 scene >_>

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    Hipmans Guest
    He did, but then he returned, and then he left, and then he... well you get the picture

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well if you didn't follow him on twitter you wouldn't know that because he does nothing for the scene, he just causes drama which we already have enough of.

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    Hipmans Guest
    I'm not at all into Twitter tbh. I do have an account (if it's still active?) but I rarely check it. But please lets stop discussing Math as he really is not worth the effort...

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