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Thread: Uncharted 3 PS3 EBOOT Fix for 3.55 / 3.41 Custom Firmware Out

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    RaVenedy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bondi78 View Post
    Same issue here...
    same here, I have Knew 3.55 but the ring is spining... how much time normally that ring must spin?

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    mauler Guest
    My game is freezing in chapter 20 just when he says follow me this is a shortcut... This will be the 3rd time i have hit an obstacle like this. I need to know clearly... what is the latest or best fix, from someone who has played the entire game through.

    also where can i find game saves for this? in case i can just bypass the rest of the scene.

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    rudolfo Guest
    That is the most encouraging thing I heard today... I've been trying to get this working for the last 10 hours. If it it's not asking too much can you please just tell me what exact instructions have you followed (i've seen so many).

    Are you on internal or external? Did you extract all psarc files? What file fix did you use?


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    HEMAN Guest
    I tried wwywong guide the command window showed progress and completed but the actor33 folder was not created so i cannot copy the journal from the fix to the actor33 folder because its was created. or do i have to manaully make the folder

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    lindwurm Guest
    Nah i follow my own base on lots of instruction "phew" coz just like you said i'm also confuse to choose which instruction... O.k First download the game from duplex release then download Uncharted 3 eboot fix for 3.55/3.41 cfw or the one that's include in fix file (it's 8,68 mb) and use PSARC.EXE with zlib.dll in your uc3 games to extract all .psarc file in uc3 main folder if you want to make sure (i've got all psarc and 50 gb file).After that you can edit all you want from deleting non english.psarc in speech or wipe out the psarc file except actor33....Also you may try to use the fix (26 mb) and replace the file.

    yes the games run internal and external (i play from external) and it took a bit longer loading in first play with full files (4 or 3 minutes)well you know how to improve that friend

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    pkc415 Guest
    Hi Kaiiela,

    Can you give us a tutorial on how to repack actor33 folder? Do you drag the whole folder into psarc.exe?


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    HEMAN Guest
    i cannot see a actor33 folder in my game folder even after psarc.exe completing it can anybody tell me what i did wrong. i can play uncharted 3 but it freezes in chapter 2 when i open journal.

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    kunit1 Guest
    I was just wondering how you got the psarc packed again. I tried opening the cmd window in windows, went to the directory where both the actor33 folder are and the psarc.exe is, then I typed the command you provided but nothing happens.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    rudolfo Guest
    lindwurm, thanks for your help. Done that exactly up to the extraction of all PSARC files. But then you say to use the fix (26mb). Are you refering to this one: Uncharted.3.PROPER.FIX.KMEAW355.READNFO.v4-Nobody? Are you using the EBOOT included in this file?

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    lindwurm Guest
    Oh hi again friend well you can use the fix if you found a problem but i think the eboot is the same one... oh yes you can delete all the file besides english-sp/-mp.psarc (just leave the one you like) in speech folder. Find movie1 folder 3D movies (ex: col-casing-the-museum-3d and other -3D ) and behind the scene (ex:bts-art and other bts-) just wipe them out if you like.

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