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    Uhm. Try. It says CRC failed, or CRC failed wrong password? I hope you didn't dowload one of them partially or damaged.

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    seems to be working fine with winrar, so don't use 7 zip, thanks

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    Oct 2006
    wwywong I followed your tutorial but with no success. I'm on 3.41OFM. I start the game and immediately a ring starts spinning... i waited 10 minutes and nothing happened. Is this normal? No other text appears on screen...

    Could it be an EBOOT issue? (I heard that the one included in your instructions was compatible with all versions).

    Thanks in advance

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    Shouldn't you be on CUSTOM firmware... lol

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    Same issue here...

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    Oct 2006
    LOL. 3.41 OFM but Jailbroken!

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    uh? .. Erm, try the 3.41 eboot, if not working, give a shot to the 3.55 one..

    (the one you can find on page 1 inside the zip archive, with the method posted)

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    I really can't say about 3.41... it's too old... maybe it's EBOOT.BIN, but go on to 3.5cfw already... it's the most stable cfw for a long while now.

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    I knew it would come down to this... I have been trying to delay the upgrade. I guess I don't want to loose any upgrade flexibility and i'm afraid to brick it because the disk if full of backup games. Please tell me there is no risk. Can you you please point me to where I can find the BEST instructions to upgrade.

    Is KMEAW355 still the one to go?


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    Nov 2010
    Hmmm i played uc3 in 3.41 ofw with jb and find no problem at all by using 8 mb eboot from 3.55 make sure you delete the right thing if you wanna have more space and get fast loading.

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