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    First download your 3.55 eboot from the first page then download again psarc.exe to extract psarc file after that follow the instruction

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    I am newbie, so please can tell exactly what to download and which one?

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    does anybody have any megaupload links for a prepatched ripped version without 3d? thanks

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    Ya, thanks for ppl's support, but give credit to Sshadow2305. I am only following what Sshadow2305 suggested. I will try to put up a more detail tutorial if people don't understand what I mean...

    First of all, credit to other users (Nobody, iGoTiT4FrEe, Evilnat, etc.) for for their effort and their fixes! I am writing this small tutorial to explain what I did to make Uncharted 3 work in CFW3.55kmeaw. A lot of people already cover on this topic, but several of us (thanks Sshadow2305) found out that there are only couple of files that is needed to be replaced, instead of extracting all the psarc (one of them, pak23.psarc being 8gb+!). Some people want me to clarify this.

    Before I start, let me further state that I just have limited testing, and verify that the game work with journal open correctly, up to chapter 2. If anyone following this guide find out that it is not working on the later chapter, please report here, and also go through the long way by following other people's guide in this thread.

    • have your game ready to be modded in location, let's say: C:\BCES01175\
    • download Uncharted.3.PROPER.FIX.KMEAW355.READNFO.v4-Nobody and extract it somewhere let's say: C:\U3Fix\
    • Copy PSARC.exe and zlib.net.dll from C:\UF3Fix\ to C:\BCES01175\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\build\main
    • Drag ONLY actor33.psarc to PSARC.exe in file explorer and it will extract to C:\BCES01175\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\build\main\actor33\. After extract, remove actor33.psarc (or back it up to somewhere safe if you want. Technically, you shouldn't need it anymore)
    • You can remove PSARC.exe and zlib.net.dll in C:\BCES01175\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\build\main\ now
    • Replace the following 3 files:
      C:\U3Fix\USRDIR\build\main\movie1\camera.txt --> C:\BCES01175\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\build\main\movie1\cam era.txt (camera.txt in one word without space. don't know why bulletin board is acting weird...)
      C:\U3Fix\USRDIR\build\main\actor33\u2-journal-lod0.pak --> C:\BCES01175\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\build\main\actor33\u2-journal-lod0.pak
    • That's it the game is good to go into PS3! Since the 8GB file is not extracted, you cannot just copy it into a FAT32 hdd to transfer. Use tools like split4g.exe or FTP to transfer your game.
    • Enjoy!

    I need to stress my point again: Once you psarc whatever files (true for all games, not only this) BE SURE TO DELETE the psarc file you just extracted. Don't keep both the extracted and original version in the game! It 1.) is wasting space 2.) might cause problem.

    I have to add that, for my tutorial above, because of the fact that the big file pak23.psarc (8GB) is not being touched, you will see loading/cutscene improvement versus the previous ways where you used to extract that file. This is because the psarc is compacted and optimized for ps3 loading according to others. Majority of files being load is in that big file, and now the game is loading those in the optimized way (the way that developers intended). So the game should run smoother than the previous fixes.
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    I followed these instructions:

    1. missing characters in mp selection screen.
    2. campaign not starting,... endless ring animation loop with music >Ps3 not frozen... Game just not doing anything.
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    Kaiiela, for first time the single player mode (is that what you mean by campaign) has to load much longer... subsequent load will be faster... how long did you wait for the ring to spin...?

    Also, I am on 3.55kmeaw, so I cannot get online... as a result, online modes are not tested (I don't think anyone with the hacks can go on to psn at this moment anyway)

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    Rebug.. I tried LAN, not PSN. And I waited a bit after the music stopped, the HDD indicator wasn't flashing > Hence why I thought it was frozen.

    Thanks for replying by the way !! +

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    There is a new fix out.. supposedly fixes ALL issues, and loads fast but it 10gigs in size:

    They are calling it: Proper/3.55/3.41 Uncharted 3 FIX - no loading issues

    Here are the instructions only:

    The current fix for Uncharted 3 didn't really work for me. I had a lot of loading issues. For example: Some cutscenes or objects in the game didn't load properly. Also the loading times are very long after you extract the .psarc files. Therefore I decided to repack all the files and it works like a charm.
    • No freezing issues
    • No loading issues (e.g. loads treasure animation)
    • Faster loading times
    • Normal game size
    • Easy to apply

    How it works?

    1. You need the original Duplex release. It doesn't matter if you have deleted languages or 3d movies.
    2. If you already unpacked the psarc files and deleted the original ones delete the folders actor33, animstream4, bin, pak23 and text1 in BCES01175\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\build\main.
    3. It doesn't matter if you already copied the patched files from the first fix.
    4. Now Copy the USRDIR from the archive below to BCES01175\PS3_GAME and overwrite everything. If there is no message to overwrite something, you've done something wrong.
    5. After everything is overwritten you can copy game to your ps3.
    6. Have fun with this awesome game.

    For 3.41 Users:
    Apply this eboot.bin afterwards

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    i guess i'll try this game out see what the fuss is.. dust off the old 3.41 slim.. it actually has a small spider web on it.. LOL

    been ages since i've used my jb ps3 i only use psn tbo but i'm keen to try this so thanks for that new fix mate...

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    I have found the similar fix but its not 10Gigs. Its somewhere around 2.1GB

    The very same procedure written on the fix.


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