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  1. #21
    exx22 Guest
    another member reports freezing in chapter 9.

  2. #22
    Natepig Guest
    Can anyone who already has it working test and see if it works discless?

  3. #23
    barrybarryk Guest
    it does work discless, you can also use psarc to extract the large file so it works on external, but there's no way of bypassing the journal bug at the minute so no way of finishing the game.

  4. #24
    The5Venomz Guest
    Definitely works, it tells you to open the journal right after the first chapter... starts off great though!!

  5. #25
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Does the mutliplayer have a LAN option? If it does I could play with some of my mates on Xlink Kai.

    In other Uncharted games the Journal doesn't Automatically open but you have to open it to continue the game and there are also some reports of the game freezing at Chap. 9.

  6. #26
    barrybarryk Guest
    YES, THERE IS NO WAY OF COMPLETING THE GAME, now stop asking the same question that's been answered already!

  7. #27
    firtha11 Guest
    Thanks for the Reply. I am gonna have a Try of it see what goes on and ALSO PRAY for some more fixes for it such as the journal freeze if opened Thanks Again to all and to all a Goodnight.

  8. #28
    exx22 Guest
    what about save file beyond chapter 9 ??

  9. #29
    CS67700 Guest
    Sweet ... the devs will, maybe, throw us an old bone in a few months. MAYBE ... For now, enjoy it until chapter 9.

    We, the players, don't sit at the same noble table as the devs. We don't deserve to play the games.

    Pathetic ...

  10. #30
    elser1 Guest
    without players devs wouldn't have a job mate. >>

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