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    For those people who have problems while fix backups of Uncharted 3, i made a fixer that does everything automatic, that contains FIX for Journal and more (Uncharted.3.PROPER.FIX.KMEAW355.READNFO-Nobody), its version is v1

    Here is the README.txt

    Uncharted 3 Fixer v1 (By Evilnat)

    This program fix automatically all the files of Uncharted 3 backup, usage:


    (1) Extract RAR content on PC (Desktop for example)

    (2) Copy psarc files in it, where the exe is:
    • actor33.psarc
    • animstream4.psarc
    • pak23.psarc
    • text1.psarc
    • bin.psarc

    (3) Execute the exe and wait until it finish

    (4) Copy folder PS3_GAME where is in UNCHARTED 3 FIXER folder to your backup, OVERWRITE WHEN IT PROMPTED

    (5) Enjoy

    Evilnat (PS3SOS)
    Uncharted Fixer v1:

    Only unrar the rar file on your PC and put on the five psarc files where the exe is, execute the exe, wait until it finish (if something goes wrong it stop and show the error), when it fixed successfully copy PS3_GAME folder created inside PS3 UNCHARTES FIXED to your backup and overwrite when it prompted, when finish load with MultiMAN or other backup launcher, as you wish

    I created it to report if all goes well or if failure occurs and what causes the fault

    Hope I have helped with this program


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartholomy View Post
    Is it a ready-to-play version, or still needs this manual mod?
    Here are the pre-fixed "ready to play" version of Uncharted 3 1GB link fileserve credits go to Jayzzy from PS3 iso. (No 3D and only in English).

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    My program maybe has an error, bin folder extracted from psarc don't move correctly, i'm fixing this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roaf View Post
    Here is another easy method I found:

    1. Copy the archive to a folder "PS3_GAME" with the replacement of all files.
    2. Follow the path "PS3_GAME => USRDIR => build" run "Start.bat".
    3. Wait until the end of the patch.
    I tried this method but when i launch the game it keeps on saying error 80010017

    Any idea why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudolfo View Post
    Bartholomy, I am just a bit confused regarding the "4. Now Copy the USRDIR from the archive below to BCES01175\PS3_GAME"... there is no archive below and the u3ddfix341eboot.rar file contains only an EBOOT.BIN with no directories.

    Are you saying to copy this eboot to BCES01175\PS3_GAME\USRDIR and replace the existing one?
    The 3.41 link is meant to be used when you finish to download the 10,8 gb archive, part of this method. Yea, when you finish to download the entire archive and overwrite, if on 341, just replace eboot and you're done

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    3d video removed?

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    yes 3D REMOVED

    external hdd fixed too (no no big files)

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    What languages? All or just english? Anyone can repack just language files?

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    The languages are English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Turkish.

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