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  1. #11
    HeyManHRU Guest
    That come out of nowhere , looks like I will get to play Uncharted 3 after all. Thanks for the news chr15m, hopefully this fix will be confirmed working.

  2. #12
    PR0r Guest
    does the eboot fix on the op fix the journal issues?

  3. #13
    tonybologna Guest
    No! The full fix wasn't ready yet. The fix was leaked. There will be a full fix available pretty soon unless the original developer decides to call it quits after this drama.

  4. #14
    CS67700 Guest
    I'm pretty sure if Moogie didn't leak it we wouldn't even know there is a fix.

    This scene is full of hypocrites and devs with no balls. It's been 6 months and i'm pretty sure those play new games laughing at our faces.

    This scene is really sick and messed up.

    Now for the matter i'm not even gonna use this fix, they can shove it.

  5. #15
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Calm down there, we still got some hard working PS3 devs, like team Duplex you have supplied us with many fixed PSN games over the last few days. I'm pretty sure this fix is a sign for better things to come. You can't blame the Devs for not releasing anything, they don't have to if they don't want to and we have to respect that.

  6. #16
    purkito Guest
    I have to agree, mainly because if you reveal yourself you are subject to get a $ony lawsuit on your face the next day. But as things are going now, I'm hopeful things are going to change for the better.

  7. #17
    firtha11 Guest
    Is it True Is it Real Will it Work also will it Work on External USB HDD also can the GAME be Completed without the Journal does any1 know this Yet 1 more thing does the Journal on any of the Missions/Levels Automatically Open if so then it wont be Good will it Plz someone answer....

  8. #18
    BlackDragoon Guest
    I'm on chapter 6 now, and is all fine. Of course, I can't Open Drake's Journal

  9. #19
    firtha11 Guest

    Question PLZ Answer this 2...

    I want to know through the Missions you have played so far as the Journal automatically opened and do You know if this GAME works on External USB HDD ..

    PLZ HELP Answer & Thanks in Advance...

  10. #20
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Nice , tell us how it goes. If you can finish the game without opening the Journal I'll go and grab the game.

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