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  1. #181
    kachijs Guest
    what files do i have to delete (3D)?

  2. #182
    Ecniv Guest
    I'm so glad I checked this forum before starting the ftp transfer thx Mate!!

  3. #183
    Doomhammerx Guest
    there is no way to play this on 40gb ps3's internal. when you tried "proper fix" games rip versions size will be 33gb but in 40gb ps3 you can use just a 30gb space. so i delete later chapters videos and i'm setting up it now. if it will be work i'll tell you.

  4. #184
    Tosztoc Guest
    I'm on 3.41 OFW + JB dongle

    I fixed my full copy of Uncharted.3.PS3-DUPLEX with Uncharted.3.PROPER.FIX.KMEAW355.READNFO.v4-Nobody

    I can confirm that everything works from internal HDD - no issues with freezing or journal

  5. #185
    601782 Guest


    Used Duplex version and Uncharted.3.PROPER.FIX.KMEAW355.READNFO.v4 but just get spinning ring loading screen when starting game.

    Any suggestions please?

  6. #186
    chr15m Guest
    2 things that cropped me up before i got it working

    : delete the 4 .psarc files but leave the .text files.
    : delete EBOOT from PS3_GAME, and place new EBOOT inside USRDIR alongside build/data folders

  7. #187
    Doomhammerx Guest
    it worked on my 40gb ps3. videos are lagging , loading screens will kill you , there is no image when you're near of the treasures , subtitles have problems but hey its working %100. there is no freezing at chapter 9 and you can open journal. thanks to mysterious man. by the way when i am chapter 2 game didn't load marlove. yes you heard me right. sullivan walk all the way with himself ? and he take drink at the bar without marlove ? i'll upload images

  8. #188
    b4rtsimps0n Guest
    Yeah Doomhammerx, I had the same problems when running from external. Freezing, video's not loading properly, super long load times and missing textures. And when you find a treasure it lags a little for it shows what you found. But then copied it over to internal and it works fine. Seems like you can't really play this game from external properly, just can't load fast enough.

    So if you have a 40 gb ps3 you have to rip stuff out and probably have to delete all other stuff from your hdd to make it fit. Luckily I swapped my original 40 gb internal hdd to a 300 gb a while back. I advice everyone with a 20 or 40 gb PS3 to upgrade your internal hdd.

    It's really easy, not that expensive and saves you a lot of trouble, and you never have to worry about fitting games on it and deleting games installs to fit new games on it again. Even before you could backup your games I couldn't fit all the game installs, PSN games and demo's on it, I had to delete stuff everytime I bought a game which had a mandatory install.

  9. #189
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I'm experiencing lagging during cutscenes too.

    Just some quick solution - as the game becomes lagging - press PS button and wait a moment, then pree again. This will give the game time to catch up with audio and load nessecary stuff

  10. #190
    4DoorITR Guest
    Wow ... I can't believe people actually still use torrents.

    And are we going to have someone popping in here on every page to "report" the updated fix that's been known since last night?

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