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    b4rtsimps0n Guest
    I was playing the game just now from external with this new fix. First I noticed some longer loading times, but I was playing from internal before so I didn't think much of it. Then it froze in the very first chapter in the bar, in that bathroom scene. Then I restarted it using select+x for bd-emulation. Now it had much longer loading times. Also when a cutscene started it just went to black, I had to press start to pause and then select continue before it loaded.

    Then in the part where you play as young nate, in that evening scene where you go back to the museum, it stopped loading textures all of a sudden, and i was walking on empty air which should have been rooftops.

    So I quit the game, started up multiman so copy it back to internal to see if it helps, and it's suddenly removed from the games list. Now I hooked up my external HDD to my PC, and discover that all the game files are gone, only the update folder remains.

    So I'm putting it straight back on my internal hdd, and launch it from there to see if the problems are gone, but I'm guessing there are still some bugs with this fix.

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    CS67700 Guest
    I had the texture thing before this fix. Actually since its external and the textures are heavy, it may take time to load.

    As for your random crashes, that's pretty strange, never encountered that. You're on kmeaw ? or some other 3.41 trash release ?

    Move on to 3.55, nothing left to see on 3.41.

  3. #173
    kombat75 Guest
    Sorry Guys. Anyone have the Uncharted 3 RIP Version which don't included the 3D Version Which the files only 25gigs.

    I prefer the .torrent rather than the megaupload as it only limited download to me..

    Thanx Guys..

  4. #174
    b4rtsimps0n Guest
    I was running it from internal before this fix so maybe that's the problem. But the weirdest thing is that it somehow deleted the whole game except for the update folder.

    I'm on 3.55 kmeaw by the way.

  5. #175
    tim132 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kombat75 View Post
    Sorry Guys. Anyone have the Uncharted 3 RIP Version which don't included the 3D Version Which the files only 25gigs.

    I prefer the .torrent rather than the megaupload as it only limited download to me..
    There is one on my private tracker site ilovetorrents.com.

    Here is the link: http://www.ilovetorrents.com/details.php?id=273831.

    I have 10 invites, I'll PM you one now - just be a good seeder or they'll kick you out

  6. #176
    snoekie Guest
    You can take the regular torrent that's out there. It's not RAR'ed so you can select which files to download (with uTorrent, for example).

    Just choose to not download all the 3D files and you'll have your rip, via a torrent.

  7. #177
    tim132 Guest
    Sure, you could but you'll get faster download speeds on the tracker I use, anyone else want an invite let me know (PM me) - my good deed of the day

  8. #178
    elser1 Guest
    pm sent.. i'll swap you one to ip torrents if you want.. awesome private site..

  9. #179
    altair80 Guest
    can you invite me elser??

    invite me please?

  10. #180
    maaz1 Guest
    Follow these steps IN ORDER:

    1. Extact Uncharted 3 to your PC.
    2. Copy extract.bat ,psarc.exe and zlib.net.dll from the UC3-355FiX.rar to PS3_GAME\USRDIR\BUILD\MAIN.
    2. Run the extract.bat (this will extract the required psarc files and delete them when finished).
    3. Rename the "bindc1" folder to "dc1" and move it inside the empty "bin" folder.
    4. copy the "USRDIR" folder from the UC3-355FiX.rar into the PS3_GAME folder of Uncharted 3 (Click yes to overwrite all files).
    5. Replace the EBOOT.BIN with the one included in the UC3-355FiX.rar.
    6. Transfer Uncharted back to your PS3, launch in Multiman.

    100% WORKING FIX
    - No Freezing
    - Journal Works


    Filesonic : http://www.filesonic.com/file/285744...355FULLFiX.rar

    Fileserve : http://www.fileserve.com/file/5xDDbE...355FULLFiX.rar

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