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    Contributor catalinuxm's Avatar
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    I am sorry for my bad english but there is a misunderstanding. I already have done what you suggest using PS3SPLITTER and PS3MERGE to undone the split.

    Thanks again.

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    a new video noob friendly would be nice... And you should delete the instructions for the first fix from the topic.

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    There is a video tutorial on the first page. In case you missed it.

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    Anyone tried it on fw.3.41 yet?

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    Guys could someone upload camera.txt please? I made the mistake of deleting it... Thanks in advance.

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    There is one included in the fix, but here it is in case you didn't have it.


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    thanks again works great.

    keep the good work and fix FIFA12 and R3 please

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    guys one question that i don't understand. do we need that guide psarc ect for external hdd only or we also need this done for internal only?? i think this guide was made for external hdd only but noone said anything abouth internal.

    so can we just ftp game to internal ps3 change eboot with proper eboot and thats it?

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    No, there are files that need to be changed inside the psarcs.

    So you have no alternative than decompressing them.


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