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Thread: Uncharted 3 PS3 EBOOT Fix for 3.55 / 3.41 Custom Firmware Out

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    hayman Guest
    hallo i did delete the camera.txt file, will this effect the new FIX ...?

    thanX keep the good work

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    PR0r Guest
    Its ok, but its a little hard to follow.. Is the V4 patch enough to get this running now? Or does everything else still need to be installed? Eboot, camera etc?..

    And are the gamesaves important too now that the fix is out? Sorry but I've had this for a week now and didn't wanna play unless it was working perfect. Was going to buy it Thursday too! But if this is 100% good now, i'm all in

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    Apr 2005
    If the v4 is a proper (final) patch, then yes it should be all that is necessary now. However, in the last 24 hours they went from v1 to v4 so if someone finds another bug there could be a v5+ hehe.

    There is also a N00bs Guide to Uncharted 3 FiX by iGoTiT4FrEe via:

    Download: UC3-355FULLFiX.rar (26.36 MB) / UC3-355FULLFiX.rar (Mirror - 26.36 MB)

    1. Extract Uncharted 3 to your PC.
    2. Copy extract.bat , psarc.exe and from the UC3FULLFiX.rar to PS3_GAME\USRDIR\BUILD\MAIN.
    3. Run the extract.bat (the bat file will extract the required files from the .psarc and then it will delete what needs to be deleted for you)..
    4. Rename the "bindc1" folder to "dc1" and move it inside the empty "bin" folder.
    5. Copy the "USRDIR" folder from the UC3FULLFiX.rar into the PS3_GAME folder of Uncharted 3 (Click yes to overwrite all files).
    6. Replace the EBOOT.BIN with the one included in the UC3FULLFiX.rar.
    7. Transfer Uncharted back to your PS3, launch in Multiman.

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    landon Guest
    Hello guys, is those fix work with the update 1.01 or will it fix the bugs we found on the game itself ???

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    catalinuxm Guest
    Please somebody Help with PSARC.exe Error.

    All the psarc files are OK and Psarc.exe program manage just fine to extract but Pak23 get me a fck error.

    What is wrong?


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    tim132 Guest
    This is brilliant news! Many thanks to the dev who released this fix - reading the NFO he's clearly pissed at Moogie, whoops! Well he's surpassed him now and made him look stupid so fair play!

    I'm still waiting to get my hands on the game so haven't seen what files are contained within the game but was wondering...

    If we are extracting the .psarcs (which are usually 4GB+) into smaller < 4GB files does this mean we will be able to play UC3 from an external hd, just like we can UC2?

    Oh it's a happy day, this is the only game (except one other) I have been dreading coming out and not being able to play on CFW! Let's hope we are this lucky when Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3 comes out!

    Quote Originally Posted by catalinuxm View Post
    Please somebody Help with PSARC.exe Error.

    All the psarc files are OK and Psarc.exe program manage just fine to extract but Pak23 get me a fck error.
    I've read it may be something to do with your version of .NET Framework, perhaps you need to update it?

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    catalinuxm Guest
    Thanks for solution but I have done ALL WINDOWS 7 UPDATE FOR EVERYTHING inluded .NET Framework. So there is something else.
    There is a possibility to download only PAK23 because i guess here is the problem.

    After I downloaded UC3 from NET ai split the psarc file PAK23 in multiple psarc files and after I read the solution to manage freeze chapters I have MERGE those multiple psarc files into an original one. ?!?

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    tim132 Guest
    I know how to merge the split pak23 file as I managed to do this with split pak22 files (from UC2) just last night after transferring the game from my internal to my external. Basically I used this program and it merged the split files back into the full original...

    It's called OpenSplit v1.2:

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    So does anybody know if this game works on a Ext. HDD, Int. HDD or both?

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    Desu Guest
    What about new EBOOT fix for 3.41?

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