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    AnnaDea Guest
    Thank you so much. Such a simple solution... And here i wasted about 2 hours on nothing. But thanks. Now I can continue.

  2. #122
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Since the game also freezes at Chapter 11, here is the save file (for BLES users) past that so you can continue the game.

    If you experience any more freezing at any later levels lets us know.

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    Skitsofrantik Guest
    Thanks for this.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Just saw this on IRC (untested) but: Uncharted.3.PROPER.FIX.KMEAW355.READNFO.v4-Nobody

    Download: http://www.multiupload.com/XLDR0Q8D42

    From the updated NFO file via violentcris:

    One good leak deserves another. Here's the 100% working fix to Uncharted 3! (for KMEAW 3.55 CFW)

    Follow these steps IN ORDER:

    (1) Move PSARC.EXE + zlib.net.dll to \USRDIR\build\main\ of your UNCHARTED 3 GAME DATA folder (not the one included with this package)

    (2) Extract ALL *.psarc's into the folder they are already in (\USRDIR\build\main\) on your HDD by dragging each .PSARC file onto PSARC.EXE (delete the .PSARC files after you have extracted them to folders)

    When you're done it should look like this:


    IMPORTANT: When you unpack bin.psarc it creates two folders - empty bin folder and one bindc1 folder with files. Rename folder bindc1 to dc1 and put it in the \main\bin\ folder so it looks like this: \main\bin\dc1\

    (3) Now, merge included USRDIR folder with the existing one where you extracted your psarcs. OVERWRITE all files when prompted.

    (4) Transfer to your PS3, load in Multiman, launch from XMB.

    (5) PROFIT.

    100% WORKING FIX
    - No Freezing
    - Journal Works
    - Fck you Bat420 and moogie

    Minor edits

    Minor edits for added clarity

    minor path fix

  5. #125
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Thanks for this boss , if someone reports it working I'll let you guys know. I will also +Rep anyone who does confirm this working.

  6. #126
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I missed it earlier, but apparently Mathieulh originally posted it a few hours ago so it may be legit indeed.

  7. #127
    YuuZA Guest
    Confirmed working on IRC as the topic changed

    I just fear we going to get a lot of noobs, i hope someone will write a guide for them

  8. #128
    chr15m Guest
    this was also later added :

    IMPORTANT: There is one mis-type in the archive!! Correct directory is "movie1" (not movies1)

    Note: This is not yet tested!

  9. #129
    mmanolos Guest
    Anyone knows if this is for Kmeaw only or could it work on Waninkoko too? I think I still have a couple of hours to confirm it myself.

  10. #130
    liewhl Guest
    i just try, the game can boot, but it stuck on the ring loading screen.

    one question, for the directory, my directory is \USRDIR\build\main\actor33\ instead of \USRDIR\build\actor33\, do i need to remove the main folder?

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