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    For Multiupload lovers

    part 01
    part 02
    part 03
    part 04
    part 05
    part 06
    part 07
    part 08
    part 09
    part 10
    part 11
    part 12
    part 13
    part 14
    part 15
    part 16
    part 17
    part 18
    part 19
    part 20
    part 21
    part 22
    part 23
    part 24
    part 25
    part 26
    part 27
    part 28
    part 29
    part 30
    part 31
    part 32
    part 33
    part 34
    part 35
    part 36
    part 37
    part 38
    part 39
    part 40
    part 41
    part 42
    part 43
    part 44
    part 45
    part 46

    Fix 3.55 EBOOT.BIN

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    Jul 2006
    Following the BF3 release by duplex, is it hard to imagine that a new rip from a bought game (and so without the journal bug) will work like a charm?

    Just thinking aloud here but I wonder...

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    I tried the game, but the video is choppy in the beginning. The sound plays at regular speed, but the video cannot keep up. I am on CFW 3.55 Kmeaw. Did anyone else encounter this issue?

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    Uhm.. who know Maybe is real trash on store too, without the patch? At least patch was released quickly That's important

    Try to restart your console.

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    Aug 2009
    Can someone upload pak23.psarc ?

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    Just in case Pack all in 1 Eboot fix and saves for chapter 9 and 11 readme inside.

    Eboot from Moogie...?

    Saves from elmeswhy3.

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    Saves not working!

    On what difficulty are the saves made? Because no matter what I have tried, the game keeps saying the same thing: Save data corrupted. I'm playing on very easy, and the folder is BCES01175_NDI_UNCHARTED3_BT_0 in my console, but the save for chapter nine is BCES01175_NDI_UNCHARTED3_BT_5.

    On chapter 11 the save is in folder BCES01175_NDI_UNCHARTED3_BT_0. I thought this will work, because it matches my folder inside the console, but it didn't. I followed the instructions to the letter, using Filezilla as ftp client.

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    Remember there is file you don't have to copy. and all up to you , everybody is using this saves and working fine.

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    Sep 2010
    have heard this second save, will let you play to the end of the game, chapter 22.

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    Quote Originally Posted by violentcris View Post
    Remember there is file you don't have to copy. and all up to you , everybody is using this saves and working fine.
    I know that file, and I didn't overwrite it, I actually saved it on my PC's internal HDD along with the entire save folder as a backup, I put it back in the end, and the game still says corrupted data.

    I know I have just registered my account here tonight, only a few minutes ago, but I'm not a beginner. I only asked because I know saves don't work from one difficulty level to another, and I thought that might be the problem. Or am I wrong and the difficulty level dosen't matter?

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