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    buffaoo monty Guest
    OK got mine working, just DL the eboot again & I must of just forgot to copy it over the first time cos they were different sizes!


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    candan Guest
    Cool! Must be my spoof! I will get rid of it when I get home and report... Thanks all.

    Removed spoof. Still doesn't work. Same issue. Trying another rip...

  3. #13
    sezar Guest
    did you fix the problem? i have the same problem, please let us know.

  4. #14
    slifer1231 Guest
    yes i would suggest you try another rip of the game and see if that works please post your results.

  5. #15
    candan Guest
    Hi guys. All good now. D/L again and it works like a charm with the EBOOT fix.

    Thanks for everyone's suggestions.

  6. #16
    sezar Guest
    congrats what do you mean by D/L? what eboot fix can you explain please..

  7. #17
    candan Guest

    What I mean is, I ripped the game disc again to be sure that wasn't causing my issue. I also re-downloaded the EBOOT fix for 3.55 for Tiger Woods 2012. The EBOOT.BIN fixes are all over the net. There's even a ton in the EBOOT repository thread on here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...ry-117810.html

    Not sure of COD4 is there, I didn't look. Install your game onto your PS3 with the method you normally use.

    Put your new EBOOT.BIN that you downloaded onto a USB mem Stick or external HDD or whatever you preference is.

    Use a file manager to navigate to HDD0/game/BLUSxxxxx<whatever COD4 is> /USRDIR. emove the EBOOT.BIN from here and replace it with the modified/fixed one you downloaded.

    That's it. Launch game. I use Multiman and Gaia. Both work. If it's still not working I suspect it to be your "copy" of the game.

  8. #18
    sezar Guest
    thank you for explaining, i will try to find eboot.bin for COD4.

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