After seeing the current attempt at a translation of this game I have decided to translate Project Diva Dreamy Theater 2nd and give it some TLC, I thought I would start this thread to drum up interest and also to give you my progress (for those who are interested).

Current Status

System Menus

Main menu has been translated but all sub menus such as settings, high scores, PSP up-link are still to be done.

Rhythm Mode

Rhythm selection menu - Song titles completed
Song Title Board - In Progress, song/artist titles completed but need to translate text around it
Subtitles/Lyrics - In Progress

I have decided to translate the lyrics to the game from Kana to Romaji as I find that the song lyrics generally struggle to fit on screen due to field limitations when they are English. I might look at this once completed but for now at least you will be able to sing along

Hope you find it interesting and if your interested in helping (My Kanji is not the greatest) then comment away.

I will also translate Project Diva Dreamy Theatre Extend if somebody can crack the eboot and make it playable on 3.55.