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    Tekken Hybrid on PS3 Custom Firmware

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    Thanks for the links and update..

    But i am curious to know how does this one squares up against Tekken 5 in gfx + gameplay.

    Tekken 6 was a total let down for me.

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    this is a movie isn't it?

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    "A remastered version of (Tekken Tag Tournament) titled Tekken Tag Tournament HD will be included on the Tekken Hybrid disc, which also includes the 3D movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance, released in November 2011. If the Tekken Hybrid disc is loaded in a PlayStation 3, the user will be given the choice of playing the movie or playing Tekken Tag Tournament HD." - wiki

    Although this rip has the movie removed.

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    Here's the original Eboot.bin file from Tekken 6 if anyone wants to try it.

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    Gosh, i want the movie too

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    Is tekken 6 not worthy ?? I mean I had seen its trailer and it looked like hell awesome and much more fun then tekken 5

    Love is eternal - Albus dumbledore

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    Ok it is a movie too but do they have ripped the 3D part of the disk ?

    I want to enyoi on my 3D TV

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