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Thread: Team AC1D Uncovers How Current PS3 Games Work on Lower CFW

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    cfwprophet Guest

    Team AC1D Uncovers How Current PS3 Games Work on Lower CFW

    So it's way time over for that. No one seems to want to do that or i missed something and it's not able. Then pls feel free to correct and teach me but .... for what i know the above called games are still not available for cfw's.

    I got hands on SDK 3.60 and i'm now able to decrypt such debug game eboot's signed with 3.60 key. I dont own a debug ps3 nor even a normal ps3 to make use of rebug or my owen cfw to being able to get hands on this eboot's.

    So i'll need the help of the scene. If your willing to help and you can get hands on thoes debug eboot's just upload them and send me the download link via pm or post them here and i will decrypt with 3.60 SDK and re-encrypt with a lower SDK so we can play them on our CFW's

    Tools: (or use the 3.6 SDK leak) / (Mirror)

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    landon Guest
    It will be awesome...

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    furientez Guest
    don't forget pes2012!! wish I had a debug to help

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    yayes Guest
    that would be nice if you can do that

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    muqset101 Guest
    i will join you cfwprophet neways i'm downgrading to 3.55 in the next following weeks

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    Yepiz92 Guest
    im really hoping you can fix saint seiya senki & dragon ball ultimate tenkaichi also batman is epic!

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    dimi11 Guest
    We hope will be fix for AC revelations, PES2012, Batman Arkham City etc...

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    landon Guest
    still a bug question without answer !! how could you get that debug eboots on a debug unit ??!!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Yea cause i have a lot to do and i'm mod and news poster on a other forum. You can download debug patches of games with a debug con or rebug by changing a setting in the debug settings option. I've to refresh my brain but if i recall right then its sp-int to change in a specific option.

    And there are even more that can be used to get debug game patches onto your sys. I have to check this it's a long time i have done all this, now over a whole year.

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    landon Guest
    OK & how could you decrypt those eboots ?? you said you had 3.60 SDK but update most likely give new keys to this new 3.60 games...

    A 3.60 game could be a 3.73 game after un update, no ??!!

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