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    wow, what can i say, thats the best thing i've read for a while on the ps3 scene, so glad i never gave in to a dongle, what a bunch of scamming so & so's.

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    awesome news cfwprophet, will be interesting to see what comes in the following days/weeks.

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    Oct 2010
    can you post needed files (sprx) so we can test this theory (method) what eva ?

    Have you test it already? or... If this proves to be true then... everyone will be more then happy.

    So i will still wait with my thanks, until someone actually test this and report back.

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    Sounds like Psp style plugins for the PS3 are incoming

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    hmmm this could be what we are looking for people, or something similar

    I'm going to do some experimenting, will report back with any finds. This is looking good. Very interesting! Thanks for making this info public!

    Here's a warning for people before we have any bricking problems or people stuck on hybrid firmware:

    Don't copy any files to actual dev_flash in case it red screens and blocks you from updating to anything but 4.00!! Use a redirect to a fake USB/dev_flash for safety or don't say you were not warned.

    already trying some things... already seen an error or 2 myself! This isnt for complete noobs ie. if your not able to at least install windows on a PC your probly gonna have to wait for a simpler solution to be released!! Good luck.

    Damn, just realised - this is how i got hooked into this the first time!! Must turn off pc...!

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    I have 3.413 rebug and will it work ? What should I do ? Does those zip come with tutorial ? Why two zips ? Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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    Ok , sorry if i'm bothering , but i'm a noob... But i have to ask now that the scam is revealed, and we now know how it works, is it possible to make a new CFW which can support 3.6+ games, or to somehow modify the fixes which were made and use these fixes to play 3.6+ games on regular 3.41 or 3.55 CFW ?

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    good luck boys ! prophet , you and your team are a new hope for this scene !

    Make those teams eat their dongles !

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    Nice thanks

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