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  1. #61
    DeVil3o3 Guest
    Ok. I don't care about credits just would like to see it used more often to increase the functionallity of CFW, it will be credit enough if I am using it every day on my PS3!

    Can I ask what firmware your new PS3 has on it, ie. Will it need downgrading first? I know all the ps3s in the shops are coming with 3.63+ over here since before christmas.

  2. #62
    mushy409 Guest
    I'm game for testing... Currently have DIA-001, DIA-002, SEM-001, DYN-001 & also a COK-002 board in reserve for "Special Occasions"

  3. #63
    Bartholomy Guest
    Well, free 3.60+ games, gave him life to his account seems

  4. #64
    DeVil3o3 Guest
    lol, yes, everyone has thier breaking point!

    had my account on here for a few years before i started posting when first jailbreak came out! (this is a new one, other one was DeViL303)

  5. #65
    cfwprophet Guest
    It's not from a store. It's private, second hand but never used. They guy have already a PS3 and don't needed this one. If it comes to thoes things i'm a lucky child. But the FW of this ps3 is 2.76

    First time this ps3 was booted private

    And i appreciate your help mushy409. When we reach the state of testing on every available console i will contact you.

  6. #66
    kljaja Guest
    You are so good boys and let it be till announcement and work smart!

    There are so many people who would rather make money on other ways and thanks for not being one of them!

  7. #67
    cfwprophet Guest
    Guys the post is also up in english on MonkeyDesk. Enjoy

  8. #68
    DeVil3o3 Guest
    Great!! reading now.

    Can you upload a few sprx files from newer firmware so we can test this out for ourselves, have you got batman working for example?

    looking forward to POC release. Sounds good.

  9. #69
    mod632 Guest
    Very nice cfwprophet!! i just read on how game works on 3.55. so it means they are just using patched sprx files from higher firmware to use on 3.55 CFW? and also where we can find these plugins / sprx's needed so the games can work?

    have yet tested some games with this method are they working?? lolz i'm so excited right now, so many questions there

  10. #70
    kljaja Guest
    What Toolkit do you use to make driver (sprx) work on lower firmware. I am quite a new in this so sorry about so many questions?

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