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Thread: Team AC1D Uncovers How Current PS3 Games Work on Lower CFW

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    hawkY Guest
    ok , great man + rep!

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    DeVil3o3 Guest
    Great cant wait, I'm refreshing the page like mad!! +rep

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I'm too. It's already spreading the scene. German and english spoken scene. I hope that the boss get back soon

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    Some main goals:
    • Embend Emulators
    • Embend File Manager to the XMB
    • Embend PSN support
    • Embend Vita support
    • Embend animated Themes
    • Embend owen boot Logo
    • Embend owen boot Sound
    • Embend BD Emu
    • Embend FLASH Dump/Restore to RescueMenu
    • Embend 3.6+ Original Game support
    • Embend MKV support
    • Embend VTS support
    • Kill DRM Dongles

    Superb project , bro May i ask you:

    1 Which hardware are you using (debug ps3, electronic devices in general etc)
    2 How many tester you have (you gotta cover every model if possible)
    3 Do, both of you, have a very good lawyer? 'Cause Sony will dig both your lifes, when you will be at 50% of your project.

    Good luck on your work, bro I'm proud of you

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    muny21 Guest
    would you mind filling us in with the news? not the site just the hot of the press news. I checked all the sites I know and there is nothing new on anything.


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    Bartholomy Guest
    Basically, what is "up" ?

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    DeVil3o3 Guest
    Patience guys, just wait for the post, it will be up soon i'm sure.

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    metagross Guest
    Pardon my ignorance but what exactly will this mean? What features will this bring? 3.60+ games on 3.55 CFW? Or perhaps just another step on the way to achieving that?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I today got a PS3 2004A untouched, original packed, never used. And i also got sponsored a E3 NOR limited version flasher from Noli the Admin of MonkeyDesk. We still would need testers with every version of PS3 consoles available.

    Why need lawyers ? Sony haven't digged team acid in past like every one other team and they won't dig us unless we release something like kakaroto or grafchokolo and even if we have something like that to release i would do under a completely other name from a completely other place under a complete other IP

    Thx for the permission. But i would have used it anyway. Cause we was into one team at this time. I have not give the info to some one other. But i would have used it for AC1D, but for sure not without give FULL credits to you for that. I still remember some code's used. To time i never used rebug.

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    DeVil3o3 Guest
    wow , your first post in 5+ years! I think that is what is being hinted at, ie. 3.60+ games on 3.55 CFW without a dongle.

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