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    killer124 Guest
    wasn't acid the team based in austria?

    if so and you need testers, free thinkers, lsd or weed... pm

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    arktos Guest
    i would like to help but i can only edit the rcos and xmls. no coding or designing skills.

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    Emad47 Guest
    is this a cfw 3.55 or cfw 4.00??

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    DeVil3o3 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by arktos View Post
    i would like to help but i can only edit the rcos and xmls. no coding or designing skills.
    That is the VERY easy part of making custom Firmware but I suppose someones got to do it too! Its easy to edit menu items to say other things and swap things around etc, but not as easy as adding new features.

    To be honest I probably spent over a 100 hours going over rcos and xmls trying different mods and then loading onto my ps3 and testing! And even after all that the only half decent thing I discovered was a really basic way of browsing the entire ps3 filesystem from the XMB (this was done through a rco mod so some amazing things are possible with a text editor! The Rebug CFW team used my little line of code (with my permission) in thier package manager to allow browsing and installing of packages from different locations.

    Best of luck to the project, I'm not interested anymore, haven't the time for that in my life, that's why i've only 10 posts on here in last year! I read you saying you lost all your files and PC, if its any help I think I do still have the source files somewhere and a few PUP files from when I worked on Ac1d in 2010, if you want them I may be able to find them on an old drive backup, not sure anymore.

    Probably not worth much to you anymore as it was all based on 3.41 back then, the failoverflow hacks for 3.55 hadn't been released yet.

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    RazielSasy Guest
    If you need a translation into Italian, I am here.

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    DeVil3o3 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Emad47 View Post
    is this a cfw 3.55 or cfw 4.00??
    I would expect this to be based on OFW3.55 as NO-ONE has made public any exploits for 4.00 to date!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    DeVil303 would be great if you still have the pup's and some other files. Cause tHeUnknOwEnSeCRet don't have a dongle and the pup would be much help and also we can use it as base.

    I'll answer the other questions after work. Still on the kitchen and cooking and cleaning.

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    DeVil3o3 Guest
    I could be wrong about 4.00 though, Maybe tHeUnknOwEnSeCRet will have something special up his sleeve for all us CFW fans!

    Are you sure you want them, a CFW based on 3.41 will take alot more work than one based on 3.55?

    Also he will need a dongle or he wont be able to get into service menu if he red screens due to failed test. it happens a lot when trying out edits! not worth the risk without it IMO.

    I have loads of dongles, I would recommend the Minimus, nice little dongle and it can be used for other things afterwards.

  9. #29
    cfwprophet Guest
    You also can fix a red screen with the rescue menu and reinstalling the stable versoin of a pup.

    Yes i'm sure about the pup its only for testing purpose. Can't talk a lot about those things to time but it would help us. If you have time to talk private i'll gave you a nice cookie

    About dongles i also still have some. And the other tests which could lead into a brick will be done by me cause i'll get a flasher.

  10. #30
    DeVil3o3 Guest
    I know of course you can in some cases but definitely no where near all cases of RSOD.

    Had a look for the pups and I must have deleted it all lately, sure I seen it somewhere in my 10TB in last few months but may have got rid of it all to make some room, my Acid CFW folder had gotten very big. I will wait and see what nice surprises Ac1d has for us, I will check back here for updates. Good luck. if I find any Team Ac1d stuff I will let you know here.

    P.S. Exactly how long is it since you have had a PS3? because when we worked together in 2010 you didn't have one then either, You sure do a lot of posting on a ps3news site (1600+) for someone without a ps3 fair play to you for keeping up to date with the different scenes! I find I have no interest in a scene unless I own the hardware and use it everyday!

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