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Thread: Team AC1D Uncovers How Current PS3 Games Work on Lower CFW

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    racer0018 Guest
    Great news guys, I could care if it takes to the ps4 to play the new games. There is ways to play games. Buy them, rent them or borrow them. There is no need to cut someone down. We should be happy to play the games we have. Thanks

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Still try my best to provide new and nice things. Also i want to tell all that other guys n scene here they claims this is fake and im a noob or we are united noobs... just wait and see when its released

    Some one also said that he can do this on OFW.. well then try and good luck and dont forget if you need to edit only one single file to get this feature is not a ofw anymore then.

    In a special case have my fun with all that flame talk ^^ but anyway this hack is already out to trusted peoples of me. Normally i wanted to share then when beta release is out but i don't will do so now. Peoples shall do there home work and hunt down the files and the hack to get it on a other cfw working. And buy the way all you guys calling me or my team members fake you will be marked as nonsense talker then if AC1D is released.

    Just one suggestion. Before posting unprofessional stuff on the web you should try to get this hack working before i release my CFW to show how good you are and if you only talking some bs in case of to much time or something else.

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    niwakun Guest
    just work it out and ignore the flaming around the web, unless you are affected what they we're saying. But seriously, just ignore, I know many hackers hated them so much but they do more action than talk.

    I wish I can personally test your what you we're doing now, but I guess I should wait a little longer then.

    Wish you luck!

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    landon Guest
    So guys what's new ?

    Any new progress with your AC1D CFW ?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    A few one. In first to time im working on the base of our CFW. Have now a own Homebrew category and patched sprx's to accept a own category_hombrew.xml. Wrote a own AC1D PKG Manager, AC1D File Manager and a Emulatores segment. We have embended apps that can be installed via the pkg manager and will install into the hombrew cat. Also the emulatores and emu games (nes, snes and so on) will be placed into there own segment. When i have more time i'll look for the system embended emulators too.

    Patched sprx to hide macaddress in system config and also to block online updates. Next i'll trie to find a way to support a copy function for the file manager. But main goal is to convert a retail to full dex. But im alone now. Nabnab is gone and i dont work with him anymore. There is a other one supporting AC1D and helping me but he is sick and i dono have heard something of him for a whole day.

    Today i will do a special debug cfw with lv1 mmap and lv2 peek&poke to get hands on a debug flash_dump and compare that with a retail one. I'm not talking of dev_flash files but about the max 16mb part with asecure_loader, eeid and so on.

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    ps3hen Guest
    Looking forward to seeing your CFW

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    skiumo Guest

    Thumbs Up

    hi, i'm an italian members finally someone who gets something! time ago I tried to mix the firmware but no success clearly not a dev, but I progskeet so if you want to offer myself to test the firmware. what we are doing opens the way for many of the dev scene.

    Thanks and keep up, do not listen to all those who say that this is false.. good job and not give up.

    thanks again and goodbye

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    But main goal is to convert a retail to full dex.
    Why you need permanent dex settings? Purpose?

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    ps3hen Guest
    I think it is because with full debug capabilities you can boot into modes other than "Release Mode", like "Debugger Mode" which supposedly is the key to using the ps2 emulator on non-BC ps3s and running debug eboot.bin files.

    Or at least that's how I've interpreted it. As far as I know, to do this you flag your ps3 in the right places so the DEX lv2_kernel.self will run and give full debug capabilities. But where and with what is not fully known, well not publicly at least.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Uhm. Maybe. Let's see cfwprophet's opinion (as much i suppose will be the same you wrote)

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