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Thread: Team AC1D Uncovers How Current PS3 Games Work on Lower CFW

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    Nabnab Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tidusnake666 View Post
    What about some kind of disc masterkey encryption - or something - the theory that was at the beginning of the TB eboots, can you share your opinions on it?
    Don't expect too much from me about the masterkey.

    I suspected many different process to boot 3.60+ Games on older firmware and also some other stuff related to the internal emulation (PSX/PSP/PS2)

    Have many theory about the dongle but i'm gonna explain something.

    1-Many Official Game had standart self renamed to EBOOT.BIN (not even npdrm) you can easily unself them (and fix the encrypted section)
    2-Patch the header from the official eboot.bin -> (self) and they don't make own eboot from this way, they patch the header to be work on a 3.55 Special CFW (allow to load specific stuff related to the CELL Execution)
    3-the dongle = emulate debug patch dev_flash/payload that allow to boot into the debugger mode -> also to patch in real time (syscall function between usb port/CELL) remember jig generate dongle id
    4-also some PS3 Games use specific SDK revision (like i show on a another topic)
    5-and for the eboot NPDRM is different -> lv2kernel related to the liblv2.sprx, etc patching it's your answer

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    landon Guest
    Nabnab, just a question ! Which Dev_Flash we should use for this process ?? debug or retail ? version ?

    thanks for sharing man.

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    Nabnab Guest
    More about it later, you should use a Dev_flash debug that allow to have the debug possibility and debugger mode unlock on your PS3

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    landon Guest
    What will you make later ?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    As Nabnab sayed this is not all info needed. So most user wont be able to redo in this stage. We do this for a good reason. 3.6+ games will be a feature of our CFW when its done and CFW released we will give all infos out so that others can implement in there CFW or to do what ever they want with it.

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    Nabnab Guest
    Ok apparently i need to clarify something about this. I saw that some users scream that a fake, i don't give any importance to that but let's answer.

    This is the logical process under the game/program development from the video games company. What is for ? the video games company have debug unit (also retail with debug firmware from Sony) they use this for internal testing purpose -> verification to check if all is ok (bug, freeze, loader verification, etc) when the PS3 boot -> games

    the debugger mode (different than the boot mode in software system) the debugger mode is a admin mode that give you all the possible access to the Cell execution (log function, dump error, etc) you don't need special debug eboot, this don't exist, they use standard self without npdrm -> that the debugger mode can recognized and do all the works about the execution debug process
    Sony can't patch this because is one of the most important part and they need that to check if all is correct on a game/program.

    Most of people don't realize that the debug unit have all the answer about the game boot process and other things, the homebrew development, etc... some dev keep for them this (well i understand why) anyway what you think the debug settings is for ?...this is not just a toy or kiddies stuff, this is for dev -> games/program you can also debug the self and check what's wrong -> log, system checking, dump etc...

    the debugger mode and system debug unit allow a super admin level to check everything

    Now you can trust or not, it's your choice i never said that i have all the possible answer but i work on it and i do all my best to satisfy everybody, usually i was working on it because i want to keep the possibility to use all my original game and use homebrew/other OS to work on all project related to the RSX (also boot game under Linux/FreeBSD) that all, i'm maybe i unknown person in here but i do other stuff for another community in the past (not related to the hack but to the optimization).

    Keep in mind that if you want to scream that is a fake, it's hope to you, you can and it's your liberty i don't go judge you and it's a human being but keep also in mind that if you don't know what is about don't judge the person who work to allow the possibility to exploit your product

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    moja Guest
    Nabnab, cfwprophet,

    Pay no mind to the finicky-neediness of the some of the scene. Just do your thing.

    I'm actually learning more by reading the technical things you guys share. Knowledge should be free. Thanks.

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    Nabnab Guest
    Ok let's give some big good and bad news.

    From the last few days i was working on a possible way to put a retail PS3 into debugger mode, i found a way to give this possibility and also some good surprises.

    about the bad news (not too bad) for now it would only work on 3.55 (forget about up than 3.55) but i have maybe my idea for later and have some unstability that i still need to fix (don't expect a release for now but i try to release this fast as possible)

    the other bad news, i work on this with a PSPGo (yes with a PSPGo, i can confirm that the PS3jig of BrandonW work on it), i use the PS3Jig source (thanks to BrandonW for giving the source of PS3jig) and made my own code to boot into debugger mode.. still need to work on it and try also to adapt in software mode (it's completely possible, need to patch the LV2kernel, it's also what i'm doing with the source of LV2patcher and some other stuff)

    They have also a way to make a 4.0 CFW possible (not on the way what you think and not related to the HEN of Kakarotoks, well i think, this is not a epic fail of Sony just a way to bypass this problem by using some tools)

    the problem for now, it's more for the people up to 3.60+ (it's complicate at this step) but maybe maybe (need to be confirmed that we can patch the update to do something special, need to talk to somebody for that)

    i'm sorry if that take a little bit long but it would take less if some dev would help, also i see that the PS3 Community give some free insult to the users that want to help, doesn't make any sense, if you want to insult somebody. go to said that to Sony, seriously or go outside take some air, the PS3 is just a console, don't need that much importance

    I'm sorry also that i'm not the best dev that you are waiting for but again, i try to do my best to give help

    And for the people said, i try to give a wrong way, my name is not M when i find something i don't hide it, i let you know (it's just a joke to take to seriously)

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    cfwprophet Guest

    Cool Video: Alphabetical Sort XMB Hack Preview for AC1D PS3 CFW

    Hi sceners, today I have a nice little preview video for you of a new alphabetical sort XMB hack for AC1D CFW.

    You may ask now what's the diff to bahamuloard's txt editing one? Well you will see in the video but I'll also explain it here. First his one is a txt edit where mostly on the PS3 txt files are reflections of definitions not real definition files.

    Then he edits 3 definitions and the PS3 for sure will rewrite minimum 2 off them and in most case she overwrite all 3. I needed hours of tries to get it only for one time working and even then it doesn't worked for the ALL mode in the game category.

    So this hack is real and work for all three modes: Format, Tags and All. Also it works for the other categories like Video or Photo.

    I hope for a Beta release of AC1D CFW within the next 1 or two weeks. I'm still working on the convert of Retail 2 Debug consoles and also on the PS3 3.6+ game support. And now enjoy the video and stay tuned.

    Have Fun -cfwprpht-

    [imglink=|Video: Alphabetical Sort XMB Hack Preview for AC1D PS3 CFW][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the update cfwprophet, I have now promoted the video demo to the main page and +Rep!

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