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    bloodyface Guest
    First of all, i won't debate if this new is true or not but I read a comment from CWprophet that he wonders why devs stopped working or releasing stuffs for 3.41 which offers more possibilities for development and hacks due to a big lack of security before Patches of Sony on 3.55 (and maybe 3.41v2)

    It is the 1st time since the update of 3.55 (with arrival of CFW3.55), this comment of CFWprophet, I hear something so logic so obvious so clever or so smart, however you call it but I just want to thank this team Acid, not for releasing CFW or exploit for 3.6+ but I thank you for this proof that there is still one dev or team thinking properly freely (no money) before releasing like all those different shitty CFW3.55 and for the benefit of all.

    I support you for you "battle" against those donglers making money this is why I never bought those dongles even install 3.55 cfw to stay on 3.41 OFW waiting a smart dev (lol a cfw prophet , well done your nickname) who will realize that for hack and development 3.41 is the best one for progress of ps3 scene

    I have some question for curiosity: from the list of functions I don't see functions of backups PS2/PSP or swapmagic for BC PS3: it will be possible or not to play PS2 dongleless and discless?

    and also, will you release a CFW 3.41 only or also a payload to update 1st generation dongle? (there are no drm-dongle and people who bought 1st Gen dongle have done it to keep their official 3.41 (like me waiting your coming back lol)


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    Emad47 Guest
    can some one explain me how did uncharted3 fixed for 3.55 while other 3.6+ games not?

    does it mean hackers can fix other games too but they don't because of freaky false dongle??

    sorry for my english

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Because Uncharted 3 original came with a 3.7x eboot but it had a patch that was later release that utilized a 3.55 eboots thus making it playable on cfw.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Please keep this thread on topic guys, sadly we don't have time to sift though junk replies so we are just nuking them and issuing infractions.

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    wyldstallyn Guest
    Cfwprophet... would access to a higher than 3.60 sdk help your cause? I'm not saying I have it... i'm just wondering if sdk helps in this type of hacking

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    Transient Guest
    I wonder, if running 3.60+ games can be achieved by replacing a few SPRX files, does that mean the 3.60+ keys are stored in the SPRX themselves instead of in appldr? If not, then does it mean 3.60+ doesn't really use a new key but instead some form of obfuscation?

    As for the comment earlier about the people flaming devs, I think a certain amount of that is subterfuge (eg. Them trying to discourage people). Otherwise why wouldn't the other console scenes have the same jerks over there?

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Its coz the other scenes actually do things and not post fake videos and talk. They actually get things done. In the PS3 scene its all faked videos and all talk and no releases. The only time we get something is when its leaked.

    The devs in the PS3 scene have to GROW UP and start releasing things so people can play backups. Thats the number one reason for CFW. Its not Linux or homebrew its backups. 99% of people with a console mod is so it can play backups. If it wasn't then there wouldn't be many modded consoles out there.

    EVERYONE I know with a modded console got it modded just to play backups. Most of them don't even know what homebrew is and if they do they don't have any except for a backup launcher.

    Thats why when I refer to a PS3 dev its usually HER or SHE as most of the PS3 devs are WHINERS. There are the good ones like team Duplex and it looks like Team Ac1d are also good ones but others like Math are not.

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    BookofEli Guest
    Hi there,

    I really had to register and ask this question because it kind of important right now for me.

    cfwprophet will this cfw will be able to launch games without a BluRay Emulation? Cause I got this really cheap ps3 a few weeks ago which has a broken BluRay Drive (the motor to spin the disc won't start) and I am very curious if I will still have to repair that or if its going to be obsolete.

    Thanks in advance and good luck with everything.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Apparently most kiddies here fail to comprehend that we (the Staff) don't have time for this crap and it is not welcomed on our forum. I realize other forums thrive on such drama, but we are all adults here and have better things to do with our time than babysit.

    Unless you are contributing to Team Ac1d's research by getting involved, posting files, etc you should not even be commenting in this thread... otherwise your posts will end up purged.

    Finally, the latest updates from cfwprophet have been added HERE for those still following.

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    Nabnab Guest

    Sprx/Game 3.60+ on older firmware

    Hello Everybody,

    This gonna be my only and unique intervention this way (hope that everyone stop insult any devs or users) i just leave you one stuff about the plugin/drivers/module that need to be load to launch a game. don't see any proof in here, just a better attention to the process.

    Before showing my interesting quote:

    Appldr is a app loader (you don't need to be a master of the PS3 to know that) also don't make any sense to talk about keys when this don't have any related connection to the appldr, that appldr just load what is need to be load nothing else, you need to watch somewhere else

    Now check this that you can find on the Eboot.bin of the last games as you can see it show what plugin are loaded

    [Register or Login to view code]

    And back on what we saw recently about the dongle (i don't go say anything) but if you take time to check everything, you have your answer about the process of the it.

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