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    OK. I'm going to sit back now (stop posting) and wait for a release from Team-AciD as theres not much point in me testing on my one and only PS3 when I have no flasher, yet. Gonna send a PS3 to Mushy409 tommorow morning which I might do some testing on afterwards if there isnt some nice progress by then.

    Best of luck to you, your gonna need it!

    I wonder will vhs.self from a PS1 FW1.00 let me play some old VHS tapes on my PS3 !

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    I haven't bashed any newcomers. I'm still waiting for her to release something that will actually help the scene instead all I hear from her is the same as the next fake poster. I'm glad I haven't heard from that loser for a while, hope she left the scene but I think she's quiet as she's the one behind the TB dongle.

    I'm glad Team Ac1d are here to piss off the dongles. It's about time someone fight back against them as they are not needed or wanted in the PS3 scene. With all the crap and fakes we go through on a weekly basis the last we need is some crap DRM dongle.

    I'm also going to sit back and see what happens with Team Ac1d as I cant really help until I know something new.

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    It's nice to see that people are happy when the scene is moving forward thx to talented devs but personally i think is better for the non-technical people to just sit and wait.

    You could just play some of the games which are fully working on 3.55 now I think people spend more time writing post about PS3 CFW instead of actually play with the PS3.

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    People with Vita will most certainly care

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    OK, after reading all this, basic question raises: Can we play new games without any dongles now?

    I don't see any new games released on 3.55 or 3.41. Now we talking again on methods and scams. I don't care if they used "snake oil" inside - It works and thats all I care.

    If someone releases new games working on CFW (no dongle) then OK, until then we can discuss until new PS4 arrives. Sadly, this is how its gonna end up. People just wanna play new games and that's the bottom line.

    PS - Again one team comes out exposing scam from another team by such manner that tells the world things that shouldn't be public. They should have just release new games working without dongles, if they know how. Whats the point telling us (end users) this.

    Again, Sony will patch this up and good bye for more new games again.

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    And who gives you the right to say that we don't care for 4.00CFW ? What about people who are stuck in OFW 4.00 & can not use the E3 flasher ??

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    People who are stuck in OFW 4.00 just have to wait their turn

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    Or use a flasher I think... This is the best news of this year for the ps3 scene. Man what a shame on the dongle suppliers... anyway team AC1D, thanks for this share with us !

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    I know how it works and this is not even close. Has nothing to do with system files I think.

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    Having 4.0 CFW doesn't necessarily mean though that it will be possible to install it via / over 4.0 OFW - it could be that only way to put it on will be via pre 3.56+ FW ...

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