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Thread: Team AC1D Uncovers How Current PS3 Games Work on Lower CFW

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    DeViL303 Guest
    I'm sure I seen some info come out a couple of months ago on properly converting to debug using service mode and some hacked versions of the files /ObjectiveSuites, anyway, regardless I'm sure it wont take the scene long to get to this level of hacking on PS3..

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    bockers Guest
    How sure are you?

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    DeViL303 Guest
    I sure hope cfwprophet and team AC1D will come up with something for 3.60+ game eboots within a few days

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    MimmoD360 Guest
    Yes, Right now people will be happy to get eboot 3.60+ for a bunch of games like Skyrim, PES2012, ACR and Batman 2.

    In the end i think nobody really care about 4.00 cfw but eventually that will happen too.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Asch18 wrong i said vsh.self and there correspondent SPRX so no version.txt no index.dat And correct the launches games

    Peoples be care full with such dev_flash fix release ! We haven't looked into this but on some it's declared as FAKE. Not sure if it is or not but i've read that it already have bricked a few consoles so we're sure they even haven't tested this. Just putted some files together and quick releasing to get FAME. Have they give credits to team AC1D ? or Respect shout's out ?

    This is why we won't talk to much to time. Scene is like childs place on some points

    And as i have said a lot of things need to be patched first before it run without problem or given a red/ black screen. Even getting such a semi brick does not mean that it is wrong or can not be used that way. The PS3 is more likely you telling on this way you have not given respect to the system.

    Respect the system and then the system will respect to you and boot everything fine

    To the peoples i've said we get in contact and i havn't done yet. I'm sorry. This does not mean that we are not interested in but we are full with working and testing and tHeUnknOwEnSeCRet is stuck on higher FW in case he have a FAT NAND console and no progskeet flasher. So everything is a bit slow down to time.

    Also i've to work from monday to friday for 10-12 hours per day. Only the weekend is fully my free time and there for i'm working a lot. I even just have sleeped for a few hours today. I try to get in contact with you the next days as quick i have time for. Please don't misunderstand.

    Now on this way we want to ask the scene for a bit help. I for my self have get sponsored a E3 flasher for my slim from Noli the admin of monkeydesk. Shouts out to you mate But we will need a progskeet and all the needed stuff like the infectus programmer pcb, zif connector and 2x NAND TSOP clips for tHeUnknOwEnSeCRet so we can start to test heavy patches.

    Don't misunderstand !! If you have one of those things requested and don't, however, need it any more in case you have two of them or it was a reviewed version or some other case like you're a console store and want to be named to have a little bit commercial with that, then we would appreciate if you get in contact with us. So i can give it to tHeUnknOwEnSeCRet.

    We will name you and give shout's out and will give respect and a lot of thx in our releases to you.

    Also i want to tell you we now have for sure a designer and you can give a look and get a impression of his skills down below. Give a very warm welcome to our newesd member Bogo of TeaM AC1D

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Ok, Fair enough, All sounds good and it has potential. Can you confirm a few things?

    1. Can you confirm the name of one game previously unbooted on CFW3.55 that is actually confirmed working with this method, Im sure all the people following this thread would love to know if Batman is working as this was mentioned in the original title of the thread before it got merged?

    2. Can you share what type of test tHeUnknOwEnSeCRet did that left him stuck on higher firmware? (This I and everyone would like to know so we dont repeat it and get stuck )

    Keep it up, Ill save my +rep for the release.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I will talk with him what we can give you about games. But i would more prefer to give you games that was already tested and NON working without doing more patches. So you can exclude them and test others.

    And i also guess it will be ok that we tell you with which files you should be careful to play around on higher fw to prevent the scene for bricks a bit more. But it could be that it will in deep night europe time. Cause i have to work then already and it for sure will be 23:00 or 24:00 in the middle of the night.

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    MimmoD360 Guest
    No rush, just take your time

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Exactly, nobody cares for 4.00CFW, all we want is a way to play the latest games. As soon as the games come out there is a way to play them on the Xbox360 so WHY is it taking so long for the PS3 scene to catch up?

    I'm guessing the dongle makers want to drag it out even longer.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Why ? Cause peoples in the ps3 scene just bash every one that comes new to the scene but maybe isn't new to hacking things. I talked with a lot of peoples the last day and there wasn't only one who have some potential in background. But as far they enter a scene they get dissed, bashed, discriminate, insulted as lier and even much more things.

    They are peoples out they start to write private messages to them and call them eg. a cancer or a taliban or something else. The PS3 scene have to stop to act like that and i'm pretty sure there will come more good hackers, coders back. Before insulting some one ask how it works, what he have done and also if he is willing to show us something. Give respect to new comers.

    And don't think that the actual higher dev's of PS3 scene doesn't know the stuff about how dongles work and some other things we try to teach you and woke up the scene.

    Video: 4.0 VSH.SELF and SPRX's to 3.41 Firmware (via

    Since there is quite a wild allegation concerning the appldr and its function as well as from various dev's the scene said no one will use the data on a 4.0 FW 3:41 I can even here the first video made ​​and uploaded.

    In the early morning is one of the first things I do go out and buy a usb stick so I can prove all the more accurate. Have time for just the phone and not a usb stick. But as I said is that the first thing I'll do tomorrow, or rather in a few hours to get a USB stick and install Hermes CFW 3:41 checksum after 4.0 vsh.self installing their sprx's checksum and boot with the ps3.

    Sun, meanwhile, once blathered enough. All who believe it can not even rip the meantime mouth and then in a couple of hours is available as idiots

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