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  1. #181
    spunkybunny Guest
    It looks like its a retail to debug converter. Not really interested in doing that till its tested by others with more than 1 PS3 unlike myself.
    If it does play 3.6+ games then I will do it.

    It looks like I will be getting a PS3 to test this on later today. Any more things to try out? While I got this PS3 I might as well test everything on it.

  2. #182
    HeyManHRU Guest
    I've also re-uploaded the 4.00 Debug Dump files to multiupload (http://www.multiupload.com/FJCC4PXU0C) so it can stay alive for longer.

  3. #183
    lionsfan420 Guest
    do we have to use dev_blind.pkg to transfer the files? couldn't we use comgenie?

  4. #184
    Asch18 Guest
    using dev_blind you don't write directly to dev_flash, thus protecting your ps3 from bricks.
    besides for file transfer, Multiman's FTP server is ok me thinks.

    Libsysutil_game_exec.sprx ?
    they're under dev_flash/sys/external.

  5. #185
    spunkybunny Guest
    You can still easily brick with dev_blind as it does edit dev_flash files, all dev_blind does is let you edit dev_flash as you cant edit it directly.

  6. #186
    Asch18 Guest
    dev_blind 1.1 doesn't create dev_fflash just because of that risk of brick?

    "Dev_blind v1.1: The app mounts dev_flash to the location dev_blind and enables full read and write permissions to the PS3's flash.(Use it to write files to ‘/dev_fflash’ (double f) directory, instead of ‘/dev_flash’–to prevent system brick and issues.)"

    I know it's gonna get merged but I can't edit my posts, FreeFlash 3.55 is the one that makes dev_fflash, I was mistaken.

  7. #187
    Uh, so can we recreate this without the dongles now?

  8. #188
    RiseOfCthulu Guest
    apparently cfw prophet has already been able to boot some 3.6+ games using this method. all we can do now is sit back and wait to see what happens

  9. #189
    Ezio Guest
    No, you won't get a test unit simply installing a debug hybrid fw on a retail ps3 since the EID of your ps3 remains still retail, so all the main features of a debug ps3 won't work.

    Multiman still works fine on your cfw 3.41 because there are the unsigned code running patches on coreos (lv1), not for other reasons.

  10. #190
    MimmoD360 Guest
    I'm sure cfwprophet's and team AC1D will come up with something in a few days

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