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Thread: Team AC1D Uncovers How Current PS3 Games Work on Lower CFW

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Nobody know which magic file to swap that will make all the 3.60+ games work on 3.41! I think if this info was released it would be BIG NEWS and would spread over the whole scene like wildfire. Until then we gotta wait for Ac1dCFW.

    I've been trying out some really trivial stuff, BIG Hint: I'm trying to add some features from 3.65OFW, hehe. Don't know if I will be able to do it fully but just having a mess around for the laugh while I wait.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Its not that people don't know the magic file to copy, it's that there is no magic file!

    There is absolutely no way to take files from a higher firmware and paste them into one pre 3.60 to make them play newer retail eboots!

    Read the PS3 Dev Wiki entry on the Boot Order / Chain of Trust.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    I find it hard to believe that Sony will go to all this trouble securing keys in coreOS files, and then even after the major breach with failoverflow (3.55) and the security overhaul since they would make a big mistake like leaving the keys for decrypting games out in the open inside sprx files.

    I think this thread is causing a bit fuss over nothing as its trying to do to much. TrueBlue cant work as simply as is made out, im sorry and I wish I was wrong and it was that easy.

    Here is what I think might be possible with the mentioned hacking method and I think this is where people should be concentrating thier efforts. Basically the new features added since OFW3.41 that don't involve Online Services/PSN/Keys/Encryption/Decryption.
    • Under [Power Save Settings] > [Controller Auto-Off], you can now set the PS3 system so that the connected or paired controllers will turn off after 10, 20 or 30 minutes of idle time.
    • Blu-ray 3D™ disc playback
    • TV/Video Services has been added as a category to the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) Menu
    • Saved Data Utility for PSP™ games
    • MPO (Multi-Picture format) files for 3D photos and multi-angle photos can now be displayed under Photo and in [Photo Gallery].
    • 3D playback of Blu-ray Java™ ("BD-J") content is now supported. You can now enjoy BD-J content recorded on Blu-ray 3D™ discs.
    • DTS-HD audio output is now supported while playing Blu-ray 3D™ content.
    • Delete PS Vita System's Backup Files] has been added as a feature under @(System Settings).
    • [PS Vita System Application Utility] has been added.
    • Upscaler output and Cinema conversion are now supported for Blu-ray Disc™ (BDMV) content.
    • [English (United Kingdom)] and [Portuguese (Brazil)] have been added as options under Settings > [System Settings] > [System Language].

    Now these features would be nice and it is still a good idea but the thread title is probably biting off more than it can chew. Its a shame really that there hasn't been much exciting features added to the OFW since they got hacked, mostly just
    • A patch has been added to address security vulnerability in the system software.

    • An unauthorized access to PlayStation Network has been confirmed and, as a security measure, a process that requires all PlayStation Network account holders to change passwords has been added.

    Perfect timing with the 4.00 debug PUPs getting leaked from that press site! Who will be quickest to release a debug hybrid 4.00 firmware, wouldnt that be cool. does this mean we could properly convert a retail console to 4.00 debug? I would like to own a proper debug so I would consider doing this on one of my systems if I was sure of how to convert 100% to debug? any good tutorials been done?

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Biggest news in a long time, the last time something like this was announced was that nonsense by DH. Fingers crossed. The PS3 is at the end of it's life, it's about time it gets the living hell hacked out of it.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Now we are getting somewhere, I have extracted a copy of the complete dev_flash folder from 4.00 debug PUP, this might add a little something to the mix!

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    treveera Guest

    Gimme a break...

    Quote Originally Posted by Emad47 View Post
    AC1D team if you want us to believe you then give us a fix for a game.
    Do you actually think they need someone like you to believe them?

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Probably no point uploading these debug 4.00 dev_flash and update pkgs is there? anyone who needs em can just get them from the PUP anyway, and if they don't have the skills to do that they probably shouldnt be messing with their firmware in the first place! Happy hacking!

    [release:04.0000:build:53640,20111122:[email protected] target:0001EX-ww]

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Ahaaa NOW peoples start to understand eh ? Stop bashing and start to use your brain ! That is what we want to do

    But anyway we TeaM AC1D will show maybe some more if peoples stop yada, yada, and focusing on things others before have sayed and if the use to start there brain for some own investigations.

    Anyway, according to the scene version.dat is tied to vsh.self cause vsh.self has the system software version hardcoded in it and there for you need to patch vsh.self if you want to spoof the fw version. This would also mean you can not use a vsh.self of a higher fw on a lower one right ? cause the versions are tied to each other, right ?

    Well we have successfully booted 4.0 vsh.self and there correspondet sprx's (also from 4.0) on FW 3.41

    Also still the signed HB like MM and so on still work without troubles. We tried on a FAT and on SLIM. Weird a slim gives some weird messages what a FAT dont do but it still works. I mean eg. error has accord the system couldn't be execute pls connect yada, yada but it worked also on the slim after pressing the ps button.

    There are 5 files you need to test by your own, vsh.self is one of them you just need to figure out the other 4 and then you can try by your own and see: OMG it's working

    ps. I have installed them on dev_flash with MM 02.09 and not just emulated, oh and it also works on 3.55

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Cool, thanks for the info ! I'm uploading a dump of debug 4.00 PUP, all update packages, dev_flash etc, might be of help to someone who hasn't got their system set up to unpack it themselves.

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    lionsfan420 Guest
    Big thanx to cfwprophet, and DeVil303 for the advice, and files we are about to receive. again Thanx

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