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  1. #151
    thewhitetyger Guest
    I would like to volunteer my services and hardware for Beta testing. CECHA01 "Launch" model with the 256MB NAND. PM me if anyone needs a tester!

  2. #152
    Zero1376 Guest
    I can verify that what he says is true cause i format all my drives with GUI format as well.

  3. #153
    filipay Guest
    i'm gonna wait with formatting my hard drive.' hopefully team AC1D will deliver a CFW with NTFS support.

  4. #154
    landon Guest
    Hello guys,

    I had a question please, this solution, will it need their eboot's or it use just the original ones ?

  5. #155
    filipay Guest
    some of theirs and some original.. some have to be patched as they aren't fully compatible with the sprx decryption.

  6. #156
    barrybarryk Guest
    Well to use original ones it will need the keys (No amount of switching sprxs can fix that!).

    To use the eboots it will need to reverse their lv2 patches, catalogue the differences in the Payloads, CFWs and backup managers, work out which parts are the dongle checking drm, which parts are the crypto engine, strip out the drm and incorporate the crypto engine into a CFW/Backup manager solution that doesn't need the dongle.

  7. #157
    mellss Guest
    You are right.

    Assumption one: If they use sprx from official firmware, they need lv2 3.6+ keys in the dongle (impossible because they can't read official Eboot.bin)

    Assumption two: They use their own payload (in the dongle) to decrypt eboot.bin patch.

  8. #158
    PSPSwampy Guest
    If i could be bothered, i would be breaking out JaiC_USB_FIRM_LOADERv03.pkg right now and having a look at some of the recently unPKG'd updates to see if i could get anything working. But, i can't be bothered and probably haven't read enough recently! - will wait to see what Team AC1D release.

    Sad, but true - i've not used my PS3 (for games) for quite some time!

  9. #159
    kljaja Guest
    Is anybody here who tried what cwfprophet described?

  10. #160
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    this may seem outdated, but I've done some digging into their eboots at early beginning of it, anyone who missed it:


    Hope you, cfwprophet, will find it useful!

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