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    I'm working on a small tcl file for PS3mfw builder that will be a small demonstration of the kind of thing cfwprophet is talking about.

    This is nothing to do with new games or 3d. hopefully it will only take me a few days plus a little testing. Hope this gets more people interested in doing their own tests!

    Its definitely not fake, its good info of that i'm sure, I'm just not sure about the whole booting newer games side of it at this stage. But at the rate games are being decrypted for 3.41/3.55 it doesn't really matter. Basically if you don't want to use OFW and buy your games then have patience and wait and see what gets released. Its a small price to pay for "backups"
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    I call it BS. POC or shut up. In other words, go big or go home.

    P.S. I will gladly eat my words if proven wrong. Until then enough gossip already. Dongles are bad we get it.
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    Now this is unveiled... may we get fixes without the dongle?

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    I too would love to see a POC released by team-acidic but I wouldnt tell them to shut up, "can we have more information about it?" would be a better approach!

    So, can we have more info on it?

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    be careful when ripping sprx into tcl as the wrong file can have nasty consequences ie nand or red light brick like in wanko' firmware fiasco.

    sprx files hav corresponding "answers" to them ie Q+A.

    the dongle shows this as the cfw directs ps3 communication to dongle when iso with correct sprx files is used.

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    don't forget that they have changed something in the kmeaw cfw too.. the dongle is only half the story.

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    Very true, nothing should be released by ANYONE for use on flash until it has been checked on every possible hardware combination first. and even then even larger beta tests would be needed to make sure all previously released homebrew is also compatible, its a big task team acidic are taking on to release a full CFW.

    I don't think messing around with CFWload for now will cause problems for anyone, at least I havn't read of that ever causing a brick.

    Think the firmware side of it is a small enough patch as Rebug have released their edition.
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    I hope this helps. this is a program that can format any hard drive. I myself used a 3tb for my backups and it works fine. This is for widows 7. all you do is double click the program and select the drive you want format and then click format and let it do its job.

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    That looks handy but I think you got the wrong thread! I'm downloading it anyway!
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    Its not. some one said they could not use windows 7 to format their hard drive to fat 32

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