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Thread: Team AC1D Uncovers How Current PS3 Games Work on Lower CFW

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    Foo Guest
    Make a contribution. It's not much more than ripping things from the dongle and putting them in the PS3.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    I'm doing my own tests of course, not to get games going as I don't think I have the skills but porting over new options to rebug if its possible.

    You make it sound so easy, ill leave it to you

    If I did discover anything useful I would just release a tcl file for PS3mw builder as its not worth rereleasing a whole pup for some added features unless they are really cool. then if anyone likes it they can just make their own PUP.

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    kljaja Guest
    I tried to understand everything you wrote and here it is as i understood:

    First there is dev_flash/vsh/module/vsh.self in newer firmwares which is different than vsh.self in 3.55 so, it is simply and we need swamp that because there are the keys which we need to play 3.60+ games and that is all job which team done.

    We need no any description or something else. Pls cfwprophet tell me how close I am?

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    Foo Guest
    Anybody can make anything sound easy. How you think this thread was started.

    I know the complexity of it and it ain't easy. Even the little things are progress though... no matter what it is.

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    hayman Guest
    thanks for explain it.

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    corsasri Guest
    Would they not have released fixes for the games people are wanting like bat man, ace combat and fifa. Batman will work from there bluray backups but still not from a hdd so dose this mean that there adding a larger fix file to the game disc ? that will not fit on the dongle.

    I have a dongle and got it because i wanted to play nfs the run. Buy the dongle or update my ps3.

    Still they found out how to do this and was the first to boot the newer games.

    How many of you had swap magic disc for the ps2 did you bitch and cry because they found out how to make a dvd to boot backups. and was not giving them away for free.

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    Emad47 Guest
    AC1D team if you want us to believe you then give us a fix for a game.

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    lucifer316 Guest
    releasing an image of swap magic for people to burn to a dvd would have been pointless as we don't have the ability to burn a dvd that the ps2 could read thus the disc was a necessary component

    the argument against the dongles is that there is actually nothing physically about the dongles that make them do what they do

    in other words a cfw could be written to use a normal usb stick instead of a dongle or possibly the cfw could just skip the usb stick and have the changes in the cfw itself.

    you cant compare the swap magic as it was physically necessary to the process there is a debate over whether these dongles are physically necessary for anything other than preventing the use of these cfws without the dongles.

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    Joseph Stalin Guest
    Yeah, I second this =)

    What about... hm... Batman: Arkham City or MW3?

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    ZimZi Guest
    Just sit back and chill, and lets see what comes out of this!

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