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Thread: Team AC1D Uncovers How Current PS3 Games Work on Lower CFW

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    1Panic Guest
    so is there any new progress on this?

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    RiseOfCthulu Guest
    yo dude, i know what your thinking, and using these tools wont do anything. i've already tried this a few months ago. all that this program does is allow you to burn authenticated ps3 game disks. the software on the disk still has to be signed for it to work. and the option where it says to decrypt, it just means the disk layer of encryption (the files on the disk will still be encrypted). see with ps3 games theres 2 layers of encryption. the disk encryption, and the file encryption.

    the disk encryption is there so you cant just burn a legit game on to a bluray disk. i know its sucks, thats what i thought when i figured it out. so basically unless you wanna burn some ps3 games theres not much you can do with the 3.60 sdk as far as warez/reverse engineering

    oh and by the way if anyone is interested i have the security certs for 4.00. these were got by a friend of mine that has a progskeet. i know they have something to do with psn. and maybe more. let me know and i'll upload them so ya'll can check it out.

    couldn't you just unpack the cfw pup to see what files are where?

    and btw, SKYRIM!!!

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    DeViL303 Guest
    I suppose if there was a hole in newer firmware someone could write an app for the PS3 that takes an eboot and decrypts it and saves decrypted version, maybe that way even if we cant get the PS3 to GIVE us the keys we can get it to USE them for us without realising. Same with firmware files, even a 1.00 PS3 needs to be able to decrypt and read a 4.00 update so maybe this can be used against the ps3 somehow, get it to do the work. All we need is that initial exploit I think, Ill leave that up to the site experts though

    Best of luck with the hacking. Intresting about security certs, could be used to make a new fckPSN maybe..

    Have you tried enabling a 4.00 spoof , then mounting the certs in the right place along with the rest of the dev_flash from 3.55 on a USB, use a dev_flash redirecter like CFWLoad1.0 , worth a try, that used to be enough but probably more than that required now since the big PSN takedown scandal.

    Upload them sure, cant do any harm anyway, I'm sure someone will know what to do with them. thanks for sharing!

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    RiseOfCthulu Guest
    here ya go, have fun with them:

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    niwakun Guest
    "keys" that's why we can play higher version games on lower version firmwares.

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    Ezio Guest
    No, I think it doesn't work, the new certs should not to be enough since new passphrase is required by last original fw.

    cfwprophet, great initiative, I can give you some suggestions if you need.

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    RiseOfCthulu Guest
    Foo was the one working on getting the passphrase, ask him

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Guys let me answer a few question:

    We do not use as base OFW 3.50 / 3.55 / 3.56 ! We use OFW 3.41 as base to go from. Just remember that Sony started to patch heavy after the first release of 3.41 JailBreak aka JIG. So why does every think that higher FW's are better for a CFW ?

    Sure every one want to have the new features of the higher FW's but why not port to the lowest FW we can use ? So we decided to first work with 3.41 and see what could all ported to it.

    And we are proud to tell you that we have successfully ported 3D support to 3.41

    To time we dosn't want to give out to much information till CFW is done. After that we for sure will inform you about everything but yet if you want to know where those sprx's are or which is responded for 3D or for games then just do your homework

    We don't use any Toolkit to port thoes sprx's to time. It's more easy then you all will expect and DON'T believe everything that it is given to us. Even Dev Wiki says that VSH.SELF is not in dev_flash but it is. It's in Dev_Flash/VSH/MODULE/

    For sure we have tested already some 3.6+ games booting on lower FW with just swapping thoes sprx's. Pls understand that to time we won't give out the exact name of the sprx's in case of we first want to finish our work and give you something good. After that or better say when it's time for it we will let you know.

    The reason is that in a whole year there have come a much CFW and also real good CFW but no one never have tried to swap sprx's and the guyes which have tried have keeped quit, put this on USB dongle and have milked the whole scene. Teams popped up which have released fixed eboot's which means that they also now about thoes files. But they never have given for free just to push there fame. (no offence meant to any one)

    Again tHeUnknOwEnSeCRet even do not want to have fame. He even told me that i can release under my name and don't need to give respect and fame in public. But it's my opinion that respect and honouer should be given to the one who deserves it. So there for i use the alias tHeUnknOwEnSeCRet to give respect and honouer to him.

    DeVil303 there for we released the info so others can play around or work on there CFW. But main goal was to wake up the scene, wake up there mind and also for sure to stop that scam loving dongle scene killer.

    My old mate your thinking to complicate But i understand as i started to work with tHeUnknOwEnSeCRet and he opened my mind i couldn't belive. As i said we worked hundreds of hours on things that can be done with a simply button combo (yes you read me right a SIMPLY BUTTON COMBO -->> sry can't tell you more to time) [yes your translation for "arsch karte" is right]

    Also every one we have just released this news be a bit patient and we will show a POC via vid or something else like a file. We will see and you too

    Guys PLS think and use your brain. The sprx's have thoes game keys in it so why want every one decrypt the eboot's ? Why you think we are porting them to lower FW ?

    The sprx will do here work and decrypt the game so then it will run on lower FW !! Understand ?

    RiseOfCthulu i'm guess you missed something maybe? This thread is merged with the new ongoing and you don't need progskeet or else to get hands on the new cert's we already have them from 4.0 dev_flash

    Sueggestions are every time welcome

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    landon Guest
    If you need a beta-tester for your CFW, I am ready to do that, I had a slim 2504A on CFW rebug 3.55.2 but could-you give us the theory please ?

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    TwistedJay Guest
    I'm getting mixed feelings about this. Most people say it works and others say it won't. I would love for this to work as much as anybody else but, like most of you I'm still in the dark ten pages later.

    GOOD LUCK though and with be waiting and watching.

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