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Thread: Switching between 2 PS3 hard drives on CFW

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    croboiinick Guest

    Switching between 2 PS3 hard drives on CFW

    Ok this is my first post, I was wondering if anyone has a ps3 where they switch between hard drives so that they have one hard drive with OFW for playing on psn and another hard drive for playing games off backup manager.

    I think this is able to be done because the hard drives are not being modified outside the PS3 so i was going to go and buy a new hard drive so i could do this but i am not sure if it will work because of how the ps3 encrypts hard drives.

    So if anyone does this or knows if it will work it would be greatly appreciated

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    barrybarryk Guest
    No it can't be done. The firmware is split across the HDD and NAND so you can't have 2 HDDs with different firmwares.

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    croboiinick Guest
    Ok, thanks a lot. Now i don't have to go and spend money on a new hard drive.

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    croboiinick Guest

    Running CFW and OFW on 2 seperate hard drives

    if i did end up buying a new hard drive and installing CFW on it. when i reinstall my old hard drive with OFW 3.66, would the PS3 require me to format the hard drive? or if not what would i have to do.


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    barrybarryk Guest
    Yes it'd require you to format the drive again.

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    croboiinick Guest
    Ok thanks you helped me out a lot.

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    Sejo Guest
    Funny thing is, this works great with X-box 360 if you got a modded one and one normal I could switch between them and play online if I needed too.

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