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Thread: Stuck in 3.55 recovery menu with Kmeaw CFW

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    lfcaid Guest

    Stuck in 3.55 recovery menu with Kmeaw CFW

    hi guys, on 1 of my ps3s on 3.55 i'm stuck in recovery menu any help ?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I don't get what you mean, can't you just turn off and on your PS3 and it will just load normally to the XMB? We need more information.

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    dhemy Guest


    maybe it will help you.. i duno extract attachment file first to anywhere then copy file Lv2diag.self in to fat32 formated usb

    turn off your ps3 then plug the usb in the most right of usb

    then tun on your ps3 normally -->> the ps3 will turn on 10 seconds and will turn off again

    plug out your usb then turn on ps3 normally

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    lfcaid Guest
    right i turn it on it goes straight into update mode and it just stops on 72% of installing..

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    technodon Guest
    try a new hard drive, yours might have a bad sector

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    lfcaid Guest
    i'm sending it to mushy409 as he has already installed a progskeet 4 me so he will fix this

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    Dizzny Guest
    does he have progskeet chips or do you have to send on with your ps3?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    You also tried redownloading the pup ?

    Some times this happen if the pup got corrupted douring the download.

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    lfcaid Guest
    no he install progskeets 4 people i had 1 of him and he has lots of ps3s with progskeet6s in 4 work like this

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