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Thread: Sonic Generations Fully Working on PS3 3.55 Custom Firmware

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    sweet news

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    AFTR Guest

    Sonic Generations Problem

    i have 3.55 kmeaw on my ps3. i have a copy of the lightforce fixed sonic generations on my ps3 (BLES01236). it workd perfectly. it would play, it would save, all that. i recently got the internet and hooked up the ps3 to it. when i tried to pick sonic generations from multiman, it said i needed to download an update, ver 1.01 i think it was.

    afterwards, it said i needed firmware 3.6 to play it. so i deleted the BLES01236 file and all the save data and tried reinstalling it, it still says i need 3.6. can anyone tell me what i need to do to get that game working again? i'd be grateful.

    Along For The Ride

    Edit: i figured it out. thanks for your help

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