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  1. #41
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well I would assume it will saves and runs properly since it is a "fully working" fix But if you or anyone else experience any problems please do share it with us.

  2. #42
    oldyen Guest
    Don`t know if this works as i have to wait till the man in the red suit arrives on sunday.

  3. #43
    mod632 Guest
    great news for all!

    thx chnps3hax for this fix!!

  4. #44
    lele0o0o Guest

  5. #45
    Foo Guest
    You all know this guy explained how to make 3.6x eboot fixes right...

  6. #46
    kombat75 Guest
    Then might have a good news on Christmas present

    I was waiting for a good eboot or fix release by the CHINA guy again..

  7. #47
    lele0o0o Guest

  8. #48
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    If China guy has his own metode for fixing eboots 3.60+ then I wonder what's the metod Duplex is using, cos they do PSN and Retail games fixes. Really talented group of people. Big support and happy holidays.

  9. #49
    Xyth Guest
    They've npdrm key afaik.

  10. #50
    spinnito Guest
    cool man

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