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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Great , here are the instructions on how to use the fix:

    1. Download fix files (EBOOT.BIN + PARAM.SFO)
    2. Replace the original files with the ones in the download.
    3. Boot with multiMAN (Select + X method) and Enjoy.

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    Apr 2005

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    I will merge that into shakebaby's post and mainpage it shortly.. Thanks guys!

  3. #33
    shummyr Guest
    thanks for the awesome links and fix

  4. #34
    ChaoticTissue Guest
    A MILLION thanks for this! (and for the mirror link. English is nice)

  5. #35
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Google Chrome turns every web-page to English. Hopefully we will see more fixes for more popular games like MW3 and Skyrim.

  6. #36
    master32820 Guest
    good news, thank you chinese people

  7. #37
    landon Guest
    that's cool, thank you chnps3hax!

    Yes, I really like this guy, this is his second eboot fix !! hope we will see more.

    thank you guys

  8. #38
    Ezio Guest
    I think he modified the eboot.bin of demo in order to make it fully working. Yeah, just a great work!

  9. #39
    syphonlord Guest
    Thanks for ther good news, meh seems all filesonic links are down

  10. #40
    Antares74 Guest
    now it runs and saves without the demo?

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